Dem alleged crooks in Troy NY indicted for felony voter fraud

H/t to Rusty Weiss who lives in Troy for alerting me the Troy NY Grand Jury had finished their duties.

After almost two months of testimony a Rensselaer County, New York Grand Jury handed down indictments for Troy, NY city councilman Michael LoPorto and Democratic Elections Commissioner Edward G. McDonough. According to the Times Union McDonough faces 38 counts of forgery and 36 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument. LoPorto faces 13 counts of forgery and 29 counts of criminal possession of a forged instrument. Mugs of the alleged crooks below, courtesy of NY State Police. McDonough is the clean shaven one, LoPorto the mustachioed SEIU-looking one.

Edward McDonough Troy NY voter fraud

Edward McDonough

Michael LoPorto Troy NY voter fraud

Michael LoPorto

The Dems being investigated in Bucks County PA#8 are amateurs compared to these two. A DA in Bucks County is looking into the Dems use of a phony letter from a phony organization telling voters to send their requests for absentee ballot applications to the Dem’s P.O. box instead of to the county Board of Elections.

The two above were being investigated, along with seven others in Troy City Council and other positions for actually forging absentee ballots, not applications, and then casting those ballots. Many didn’t even know they had “voted.” This was all an elaborate scheme in collusion with the ACORN-spawned Working Families Party in New York in the 2009 primary. Indictments weren’t handed down for the other seven but the investigation is continuing.

And let me me perfectly clear, these nine are all Democrats.

Just like in a CSI episode, saliva samples were taken upon orders of Special Prosecutor Trey Smith from all nine to try and match up the saliva with licked absentee ballot envelopes. The brazenness and boldness of the Dems never ceases to amaze me. Somehow I have the foreshadowing we have much more to look forward to before Election 2012.

Both these dudes pled “not guilty” natch, and were released without bail. Why no bail folks? Both were led into the courtroom in handcuffs to face voter fraud charges.

McDonough in handcuffs

Photos courtesy of the Times Union.

Loporto in handcuffs

Oh, LoPorto. Don’t we look a little cocky here? Just like a Mafia boss. Fifty absentee ballots were at question, mostly from those who are “less fortunate” and presumed not to have questioned any possible shenanigans. Sixteen of those voters testified before the Grand Jury. Interestingly enough, McDonough’s father went to federal prison in 1994 on charges of abuse of power of his position of Democratic Chair. Dad taught you well, right Ed?

And Weiss begs the question in his article, why did the Working Families Party exit unscathed from this? Well, ain’t this special. Patrick Gaspard, who will now head the DNC’s Organizing for America (OFA) was well schooled in corrupt Alinsky-style organizing tactics and was one of those who helped establish Working Families Party with the assistance of ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis.

ACORN would like us to think they ain’t around anymore. But turn over a rock, and there they be. Different name but same corrupt organization.

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