Troy, NY Dem voter fraud case advances to Grand Jury

“Saliva samples wanted from 9 Troy Democrats”

A CSI episode? A mystery novel? No, this is the latest Dem voter fraud scheme which rivals even the most thought-out voter fraud corruption plan of PA#8. Dems in PA#8 sent out a phony letter from a phony organization and included a pre-paid envelope for voter absentee applications to be mailed to the Dem candidate’s campaign manager’s P.O. box.

Now the Dems are getting even bolder.

We aren’t talking absentee ballot applications this time. Here the Dems are accused of actually forging absentee ballots and voting for people who didn’t even know they voted! Below is the partial line-up of suspects:

"The Accused." Courtesy of Mike McMahon and J.S. Carras/(The Record)

Court documents released name city of Troy Councilman-At-Large John Brown, Council President Clement Campana, Democratic committee member Anthony DeFiglio, District 6 Councilman Gary Galuski, Councilman-At-Large Michael LoPorto and District 2 Councilman Kevin McGrath (all shown above), as suspects in the Working Families Primary absentee ballot fraud case. City Clerk William McInerney, Rensselaer County (NY) Democratic Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough, and Councilman Brown’s brother, Daniel, are also named in the State Police deposition.

Individual photos and description above by Mike McMahon and J.S. Carras/The Record.

This is quite an unusual case, so much so that special prosecutor Trey Smith has been brought in to collect DNA samples from most of the Troy city council, all of whom happen to be Democrats. The purpose of collecting the DNA is to try and match it to saliva on the absentee ballot envelopes.

The investigation swirls around the primary for Troy city council in 2009. Allegations are the Dems tried to steal the election by forging absentee ballots for the Bertha Lewis/ACORN/SEIU founded Working Families Party. And then voting using those forged absentee ballots. New York election law allows cross-endorsing of candidates which means candidates can be on the ballot for more than one party. Andrew Cuomo, Kirsten Gillibrand, Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer and Chuck Schumer have all taken both the Democratic Party and Working Families Party line. And WFP isn’t just for Democrats. Embattled Dede Scozzafava took both the WFP and Republican Party line in her bid for US Congress.

Sarah Couch, a Working Families Party worker who has not been named in the investigation told state police Councilman LoPorto, pictured above, gave her what she believed was 30 absentee ballots which were wrapped in newspaper.

According to CBS Albany only DeFiglio so far has admitted any partaking in these activities and that low income people were targeted because they were less likely to ask questions later. DeFiglio goes on to say:

“I think Bill McInerney [City Clerk] got greedy. I understand that the activities I engaged in regarding the absentee ballots was at the very least unethical and at the most illegal.”

A week ago a Grand Jury began hearing testimony in secret from groups of witnesses who claim they never filled out absentee ballots, and were surprised to find out they “voted.” Prosecutor Smith is asking the Grand Jury to hand over indictments against Councilman LoPorto and the county’s Democratic election commissioner Edward McDonough.

In a video here Jessica Boomhower states investigators came to her home because her name appeared on one of the ballots in question and that she did not vote and she elaborates in a quote below:

“You’re taking a right as a citizen. I think that should be considered,” Boomhower said. “They’re taking someone’s right to vote. That’s not proper.

I did speak with Dave Canfield, the writer of The Record, a Troy newspaper where the above video appears, and he stated to me there is no way of knowing how long the Grand Jury proceedings will take. Since there will be a myriad of groups of witnesses called, it’s unknown whether or not the GJ, if they do issue indictments, will do so after each witness group or wait until the entire proceedings are finished.

And LoPorto’s attorney Michael Feit says he’s “worried” about the process. He maintains LoPorto’s innocence and had this to say:

“I was concerned that the people who are testifying before the grand jury are going to be testifying before jurors who had been exposed for over a year to this pretrial publicity.”

On December 8 Troy City Councilman Kevin McGrath, also pictured above, testified for more than two hours.

This investigation is expected to go on for months, and months and months…

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