A tribute to Erick Brockway, EO1 (E6) Navy Seabees, retired

I first met Erick Brockway on twitter about a year ago. I can’t recall exactly now how we hooked up but that doesn’t matter.

Erick works tirelessly at two jobs and also finds time to write and maintain his own personal blog, a blog for California Conservatives and also be a noted diarist for RedState. He was also in the Navy Seabees.

Erick retired from the Navy Reserves after 20 years last weekend. EO1 (E6). Here is Erick receiving his papers. Yep, he is the one on the right in the shades.

Erick has been a mentor to me in the blogosphere. I would e-mail him asking for advice on certain topics. And he always knew the answer. Whether it was a techy issue, a campaign issue or advice for a diary. I then met him for the first time in Vegas last summer at the Right Online convention and then again in September in Austin at the Red State Gathering.

Here is Erick with his plaque at the retirement service.

And just look at the awards and medals. Erick has given unwavering support to all our men and women in the Armed Forces and has mourned all those deeply, as have all of us, who have given their lives for Freedom in this country.

Erick, I am proud to know you. Enjoy your well-earned retirement and bask in the knowledge you have contributed to the welfare and security of our Nation.

Erick is married to Jan Brockway. He has three children. Jessica, Josh and Cheyenne. All whom are most proud of him. Here is a picture of Erick with Jan and Jessica.

You can find more pictures of Erick on his FaceBook page. He is on twitter @erickbrockway.

Congratulations, Erick!

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