Minnesota Dem SoS Ritchie: "The Corruption Files"

Let’s see how many descriptions I can give to Minnesota SoS Mark Ritchie: corrupt, Soros-funded Secretary of State Project member, perpetrator of voter fraud, conflict of interests, former member of radical party founded by ACORN, SEIU and Democratic Socialists of America; placed clown Al Franken in the US Senate by corrupt means after a supposedly “fair” not recount bid by Norm Coleman, just to name a few.

However, knowing all the above the mystery question is, why did the voters of Minnesota place Ritchie into office a second time? The answer has alluded me. After all, there is plenty of evidence. Now Minnesota is in the midst of another recount, this time for the governorship. GOPer Tom Emmer is “behind” Dem Mark Dayton by 8,700 votes which is within the margin of .5% which triggers an automatic recount which Emmer is not going to waive. So let’s take a look at all the evidence Ritchie is a crook.

Firstly, he was put into office in 2006 and again in 2010 with the assistance of the Soros-funded Secretary of State Project.

2010 was a tough year. We helped re-elect Mark Ritchie in Minnesota and Debra Bowen in California, [snip] We are proud of our 2006 victory in Minnesota, where long time reformer Mark Ritchie pulled off a major upset with our support. He was later under fierce media and legal scrutiny as he oversaw the recount of the Franken/Coleman senatorial race. Ritchie operated with transparency and integrity, [emphasis mine] such that the Minnesota Supreme Court unanimously ruled to uphold the extremely close election results, finally sending Franken to the Senate where his vote has been much needed.

Yep, I am laughing out loud about the last sentence in the above quote. Especially the “transparency and integrity” thing.

Soros also donated $10,000 toward the Franken Recount Fund.

Soros donates to Franken recount

And if one looks farther down the page on the above link, Robert Soros of Soros Fund Management donated $5,000 towards the recount. Soros also held a dinner in New York on November 20, 2008 to support Franken in the recount. Now how does this look, Ritchie?? You take money from the Soros-funded Secretary of State Project, and then are presiding over a recount where Soros and his pals are donating mega-bucks to the recount?

And that ain’t all. Look where else proceeds from that dinner will go: to the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party of which Ritchie is a member. ActBlue who took the donations for that dinner is also fundraising for same said Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party.

Ritchie claims the Franken recount process went “remarkably smooth.” How come half the country wanted to throw a brick through the TV then, Ritchie?? Just a little reminder from 2008 during the Franken/Coleman recount from Ritchie himself. This guy rivals the “Flip-flopper-in-Chief” in the Oval Office:

Enter 2010. Ritchie is again elected. Here is more info that has come out about his associations and conflict-of-interests:

Ritchie was a member of the now-defunct New Party, founded by ACORN, SEIU and the Democratic Socialists of America, screen shot for your pleasure, yellow highlighting is mine.

Ritchie in New Party

Take a look at the bottom of the page where New Party lists all it’s “activist groups and members.” Not many surprises. The New Party was formed with the intention of advocating “fusion voting” which allows a candidate to be endorsed by more than one political party. Only a few states allow this so the New Party dissolved in 1998. Bertha Lewis, ACORN & SEIU, along with Dan Cantor went on to found the Working Families Party which is most visible in New York state which does allow cross-endorsing of candidates.

We also have a major conflict of interest here with Ritchie as well. He is on the advisory board of Wellstone Action:

Wellstone Action and Wellstone Action Fund combine to form a national center for training and leadership development for the progressive movement [emphasis mine]. Founded in January 2003, Wellstone Action’s mission is to honor the legacy of Paul Wellstone and Sheila Wellstone by continuing their work through training, educating, mobilizing and organizing a vast network of progressive individuals and organizations.

And look who else we have on the advisory board with Ritchie: Mark Dayton and Al Franken, highlighting is mine:


Yea Dem Ritchie. You are on the board along with two Dems you are/were conducting a recount with GOP candidates. Other names on the list of note are Andy Stern and Gerald McEntee, along with Donna Brazile and Frances Fox Piven. Think you should resign from that board pronto, Ritchie!

And let’s see what else we have here. Oops, students OFAers in Minnesota engaged in voter fraud? Tell me it ain’t so.. could have knocked me over with a feather on this one.

The investigation centers in what is called “voter vouching.” In Minnesota one doesn’t need an ID to vote, so all you need to do to vote is have someone show up at the polls with you and declare or “vouch” that you live there, and you can vote. There are allegations student OFAers from the University of Minnesota may have illegally “vouched” for voters in order to stuff the ballot box. A Minnesota GOP poll watcher states he heard a student OFAer say she vouched for someone she didn’t know. The investigation is continuing. Let’s hope so.

Enter now the Minnesota GOP. They have filed suit against Pine and St. Louis counties

over their failure to respond to data practice requests in a timely manner.

If you guys are like me, alarm bells are going off all over in what is gearing up to be another election recount debacle in Minnesota. This sounds a lot like the “fox guarding the hen house” to me.

Let’s hope the Minnesota GOP keeps swinging away at this, behaves like a pit bull and doesn’t let go.

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