A tribute to Catherine Engelbrecht and her Texas poll watchers

Today Conservatives are basking in the afterglow of major stunning midterm election victories across the nation. Many different kinds of people contributed to these victories: from campaign managers, bloggers, precinct captains, Tea Partiers and phone bankers. The list goes on.

However one individual stands out in my mind as being a true hero and American Patriot during this election. Her name is Catherine Engelbrecht, picture below.

Catherine Engelbrecht

Two weeks ago I had never heard Ms. Engelbrecht’s name, or was even aware of the organizations she founded: King Street Patriots and True The Vote in Texas. She and her groups are focused on ferreting out voter fraud and implementing measures to ensure voting and election integrity. She also trained poll watchers via Texas law and had them placed in polling stations in Harris County (Houston area) Texas.

Ms. Engelbrecht and her organizations became known to me when I was alerted last week to a myriad of crises erupting in Harris County pertaining to the placement of her poll watchers when early voting began. Right from the start her poll watchers were faced with intimidation, not only by Dems but by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, harassment both physical and verbal, and threats to their personal safety. Ms. Engelbrecht is also being sued by the Harris County Democratic Party and Houston Votes, an ACORN off-shoot and also has charges against her for alleged ethics violations. For only doing her patriotic duty. Please read my previous posts on this amazing and most disturbing situation.

I had my third phone conversation with Ms. Engelbrecht yesterday afternoon, November 2, about 4:30 pm. She began to tell me in spite of many previous incidents this day had been relatively calm and free of drama. But not five minutes into our conversation we were interrupted by what she told me could be another crisis brewing. A call from one of her poll watchers, situation at that time unknown. Ms. Engelbrecht got back to me about five hours later and explained what had happened. Quanell X and his New Black Panther thugs in Houston had decided to stage and orchestrate major drama in Precinct 202 in Harris County, entering the polling station and demanding the poll watchers be removed.

The original purpose of this diary was to delve into detail about this major incident however after reflection I decided the post needed to focus on Ms. Engelbrecht. Those who wish to read the entire story about Quanell X and his trouble-making can find it on Emerging Corruption.

In spite of all the threats, intimidation, drama and pending lawsuits, Ms. Engelbrecht again re-iterated it is “all worth it” and will continue to press on, and she and her poll watchers will not be discouraged from doing their civic duty, that is protecting the integrity of the election process.

My friends, Ms. Engelbrecht and her poll watchers are true American heroes and need our support, recognition and admiration.

America needs more people like them who refuse to back-off in the face of intimidation. A major “thank you” and tribute to you all.

Ms. Engelbrecht, I am privileged to know you.

King Street Patriots


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