Texas Dems welcome you to the Banana Republic of the United States

*UPDATE 10/28/10

I have just been advised by counsel for King Street Patriots they have now requested from the DOJ Federal Election Monitors. They site “extreme harassment of poll watchers and fallacious media reports.” It was reported to me earlier today that things are getting extremely contentious in Harris County. Here is the press release and here is the letter to T. Christian Herren, Chief, Voting Section, Civil Rights Division.

I will again be addressing the voter fraud perpetrated by the Dems and the poll watcher intimidation rampantly taking place in Harris County (Houston). The following information was given to me via a second phone conversation with Catherine Engelbrecht and one of her attorneys. Ms. Engelbrecht and her King Street Patriots/True The Vote organization are being sued by the Texas Democratic Party and the Soros-funded group Houston Votes and are also facing ethics charges from Texans for Public Justice for merely doing their patriotic and civic duty, i.e. maintaining the integrity of this election. Because I did not want to be influenced by any second-hand information while writing this diary I have not visited any blogs or news articles. Everything related in this diary is first-hand from Ms. Engelbrecht. Please see my two previous posts on this subject for background.

Gonna start off with a screen shot here from Harris County (Houston) Democratic Party. Just in case they try and take it down from their website…This was also e-mailed to all “subscribers” of their website.

Harris cty Dems #1

Harris Cty Dems #2

Harris cty #3 revised

Harris Cty #4

Notice the words in the first paragraph:


And further down in the message:


Nice, isn’t it. This is how the Dems are operating in Texas, folks. And on the contrary to what they are saying in the email above, it is the Dems who are intimidating Ms. Engelbrecht’s trained via -Texas- law poll watchers. They are even suing her.

Ms. Engelbrecht explained to me there are two types of persons at each of the polling stations: one are the poll watchers, who simply sit and “watch” and report any incidents on paper which are suspicious, intimidating or noteworthy. The other group is the the paid workers, or “judges” as they are called in Texas who sign in the voters and assist them with questions. The poll watchers by law are not allowed to assist, only the judges may do this.

However there have been incidents reported county-wide by the poll watchers the “judges” have been telling the voters to vote “Democratic” and in many cases have actually pulled the levers for them on the voting machines. You can see here one of the incident reports filed. Notice the circled words “illegal assistance to a voter, told voter who to vote for.” And here is another incident report: “illegal discussion in presence of voters, unauthorized person in the polling station.” And look at the name at the bottom: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. Here is Lee on video, again, illegally at a polling station:

You can also see the PDF file of illegal, suspect and multiple registrations by the same person reported to the Harris County Tax office. These registrations were done by Houston Votes, one of the Soros-funded groups that is ironically suing Ms. Engelbrecht. The Houston Votes Project Director Sean Caddle just happens to be a former SEIU employee and even admits on camera there are “problems” with voter registrations. If this stuff doesn’t make your blood boil, wait until I tell you what else has been happening.

Not only are the judges illegally assisting voters, the Dems have made a concerted effort to harass, intimidate and physically and verbally abuse many of the poll watchers. Many have returned to the office in tears. Ms. Engelbrecht tells me Houston PD was called in two separate incidents, in two separate polling stations because of assault on poll watchers. One poll watcher was even physically dragged out of the polling station, verbally abused and then shoved back inside the polling station. In another incident a voter demanded one of the poll watchers “leave” or he was going to call the constable.

There is a report of a member of the clergy and one extremely aggressive news reporter demanding the personal information of poll watchers, and it was handed over to them by one of the judges. So now not only are the poll watchers harassed, abused and intimidated many of them now have their personal and what is supposed to be confidential information, including addresses and phone numbers released.

What is more extremely outrageous and egregious is most of these poll watchers are “soccer moms” and senior citizens. Yep, I can really imagine these kind of poll watchers “intimidating” the Dems and voters as one of their lawsuits claim. Ms. Engelbrecht tells me she and everyone else were not prepared and never expected this onslaught on them and her organization.

She fully expects it to worsen next week and get extremely ugly.

Ms. Engelbrecht also reports that various radio stations are demonizing them and meetings are being held county-wide calling out “True The Vote” by name in an effort to demoralize and hopefully get her poll watchers out of the polling stations. She explains that the Dems are desperate and are spreading fraudulent information that she and her organization are attempting to stop people from voting.

So who is supposed to be handling this and making sure this is a “clean” election? Reports are sent to Harris County which in turn submits them to the Texas Attorney General, Secretary of State and local DAs.

Despite all of this, Ms. Engelbrecht remains a very tough and fired-up lady and tells me none of this will deter her or any of her poll watchers. On the contrary, it has made them even more focused and determined to carry out their civic and rightful duty. She says it is “all worth it” and if her organization has to be the “tip of the spear” then she is prepared for this.

Now, in the words of Mr. Obama, LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR. The commentary below is mine alone, and in no way reflects the views or opinions of Ms. Engelbrecht, her attorneys, True The Vote or King Street Patriots.

I am disgusted and overwhelmed by all this. These are “Godfather tactics” my friends. People need to start going to jail. This is the beginning of a “banana republic” where our votes and elections are fixed and stolen, via “the Chavez way.”

And if I may make this observation, because of the pervasiveness and organization of all the extreme harassment and intimidation of innocent poll watchers, this has to be orchestrated by a “higher entity.” Could it be OFA?? The Project of the DNC?? I’m calling you guys out. I have infiltrated OFA three times. I went through their four hour training session for “activism.” I’ve posted handouts I have received from them, and screen shots from their databases. I’ve been on a conference call with them. I get all their emails. OFA, I KNOW how you operate. I’d be willing to bet you are behind this. Plouffe and Stewert, would either of you care to comment here or try and rebut this?? Doubt it.

And to Mr. Obama. As HEAD of the Democratic Party, I would submit to you, that you should cancel your planned 18th campaign visit to Ohio this weekend, and instead turn that taxpayer-paid 747 around, and head for Texas and stop this massive attempt to STEAL this election.

After all, your OFA emails, Mr. Obama, tell me “how important it is to protect the integrity of this election.”

So do it.

More information on Ms. Engelbrecht and her fight can be found at Liberty Institute. They are graciously providing legal representation at NO CHARGE. Ms. Engelbrecht’s attorney informed me it will probably cost upwards of $1million to defend against these egregious and false lawsuits.

True The Vote needs our support and monetary assistance. They are the ones on the front lines protecting our most sacred entity: our vote.

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