Dems, make no mistake, despite your evil tactics, Conservatives WILL BE Victorious

Not only is this country devolving hastily into a socialist society, witness the takeover of 1/6 of our economy by the unconstitutional healthcare debacle, but now that we are approaching midterm elections Democrats and their corrupt minions are attempting to steal our votes and the integrity of this election using any means their corrupt and evil minds can muster.

The amount of voter fraud, intimidation using threats and harassment of poll workers, illegals voting or attempting to vote, ACORN at it again in New York and probably Texas, false and multiple registrations of the same person, our military being denied the right to vote in certain cases, is mind-boggling.

Chavez, you would be proud.

Here are some of the instances we know of. Can you imagine how many are overlooked or not publicized?

  • Common Cause in Colorado caught in an apparent scheme to dump some 6,000 suspect voter registrations on the state.
  • In Arizona, it’s illegal alien amnesty-supporting, SEIU-tied Mi Familia Vota again submitting massive, last-minute voter registrations.
  • In Washington state, it’s illegal alien amnesty-supporting OneAmerica Votes sending illegal alien canvassers out to drum up votes.
  • In Florida, it’s suspected absentee ballot fraud — from within a city commissioner’s office.
  • In New York, FNC’s Eric Shawn reports on another absentee ballot scheme implicating the ACORN-tied Working Family Party. Take a look at how these DEMS in city council are operating, unbelievable!

A special prosecutor investigating allegations of voter fraud, Trey Smith, is collecting DNA from the majority of the city council…all Democrats. Five city councilmen, including the council president, as well as four other city and county public officials and political operatives, have been ordered to or have had their saliva swabbed for DNA samples to compare to absentee ballots and absentee ballot applications that were allegedly forged.

  • In Texas, citizen watchdogs and poll watchers have joined True the Vote to monitor and strike back against election fraud in Harris County. Election Fraud Uncovered by Patriotic Citizens … Who Promptly Get Sued. More details on this debacle from my own post on this here.
  • In Kentucky, state and FBI officials are investigating voter fraud in Breathhitt County.
  • In Illinois, another stunner, officials have reportedly been caught lying about the status of military ballots while the DOJ sits on their asses.
  • And in my state, Ohio it’s Cincinnati schools under fire for busing students to vote and handing them Democrat-only sample ballots. What will they think of next.

Michelle Malkin on Fox News sums this up quite well:

Plus we already have corrupt Soros-backed and funded Secretaries of States installed in several states, the most notable are Robin Carnahan in Missouri, Mark Ritchie in Minnesota, and my FAV Jennifer Brunner in Ohio. Soros has also ordained more corrupt SoSs with hopes he can get them into office this year and steal our election next time. Those are Mark Ritchie again, Debra Bowen in California, Michael Mauro in Iowa, Bernie Buescher in Colorado, Jocelyn Bensen in Michigan, Ben Nesselhuf in South Dakota and another Brunner-wannabe in Ohio, Maryellen O’Shaughnessy.

Yep, we can hear your nails screeching down the chalkboard in desperation.

Well Dems, SEIU, illegals, thugs, intimidators, thieves et.al. We’ve got bad news for you guys. We ain’t gonna put up with “The Chicago-Chavez Way” any longer. In the words of Howard Beal:

We’re mad as hell and we aren’t gonna take it anymore!

You guys have awakened a sleeping giant and we’re done with your “will of the people be damned” mentality. Ordinary citizens are fighting back. The “Mama Grizzlies” for one are out in full force, take this example:

“The sun may rise in the west tomorrow morning. (And this is the kind of stuff that should keep the liberal Dems up at night)

I just got a phone call from Mrs. Smith informing me that I would have to make my own dinner tonight because she’s going to a neighboring rural town after work to hang 1,000 GOTV bags for our Republican candidates.

Last week she spent two nights stuffing literature in 5,500 of these same bags.

Folks…Mrs.Smith *hates* politics…with a passion. She’s a conservative, and she always votes, but she thinks politics in a slime-infested, disgusting process and wants absolutely nothing to do with it or any of the people in it (it is literally the *only* reason I’ve never run for office). She is doing this for one reason and one reason only – she is absolutely horrified and petrified as to where Obama and the Dems are taking this country, and what it will do to the country our kids are going to grow up in (if there even is one…her words, not mine)

When the Dems manage to inspire a Mama Grizzly like Mrs.Smith and get them so POed that they are now going to engage directly in the political processs they despise….well, they should be very afraid because I’m betting there are *thousands* of Mrs. Smith across the country this week doing exactly what she’s doing.

They have *no* idea what it is that they’ve awakened.”

And if moms and homemakers are out in full force, what does that tell you about how many other watchdogs and pit bulls are out there ready to pounce at a moments notice when we witness your despicable behavior.

Well I’ve got news for all the corrupt thieves and thugs: we’re coming for you guys. We’re taking names, license plate numbers and keeping track with video and monitoring devices. And just like air marshalls on an airplane, you’ll never known where we’ll be. If we have to demand recount votes in thousands of precincts, if we have to demand and insist investigations by the DOJ, governors, local DAs, Secretaries of State until we are blue in the face to ensure we have an election of integrity and not STOLEN via some South or Central American way, we’ll tie up the process ad infinitum.

And we will prevail. Make no mistake: Conservatives will be victorious in 2010 and 2012. Erick Brockway’s great vid below got me fired up to do this diary:

And Madame Pelosi, since your approval rating has now dropped to 29%, you might wanna wipe that smile off your face.


Just sayin.’

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