Al Queda sympathizer Marcy Kaptur (D-OH9) makes nicey nice with Commie Castro

To Marcy Kaptur, (D-OH9)

Visa reward points.

  • Attempting to trash Rich Iott for doing war re-enactments–O points.
  • Being a “good Catholic Polish girl” and being a member of the Stupak 11 supporting Obama Executive Order stripping abortion out of the Health Care bill, which we know is a lie: 1000 points.
  • Being an Al Queda sympathizer: 10,000 points.
  • Making nicey nice with Commie Fidel Castro:


kaptur  & castro

Bring back contraband Cuban cigars, MARCY?? What ya doing down there? Am sure Fidel ain’t visiting the states.

Doesn’t look like any coercion MARCY! Handshake, nice smile.

Just sayin.”

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