Outrageous poll watcher harassment continues in Texas by Desperate Dems

Update 10/25/10

News Release from Liberty Institute, Citizen-Volunteers Attacked by Political Machine Strike Back. Respond to Legal Complaints filed by two Soros-Funded Groups and Texas Democratic Party.

And Houston Votes, admits on camera to possible voter fraud:

Please see my previous post on this subject for background information, Texas Poll Watchers faced with harassment by Desperate Dems. FYI all the information in this post was received via phone conversation with Ms. Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote.

Correction: TWO lawsuits have been filed against King Street Patriots and ONE ethics complaint.

The massive assault and harassment in Harris County (Houston) Texas of poll watchers there has continued unabated. If one can picture innocent poll watchers being intimidated with verbal, personal, and near assault with in-your- face/fingers-on-the-chest abuse by the Desperate Dems and their George Soros backers it shows everyone these people and their minions will stop at nothing to attempt to steal this election via “The Chicago Way.”

I spoke with the founder of True The Vote and King Street Patriots via telephone this day, Ms. Catherine Engelbrecht, whose Harris County-trained poll watchers are the subject of untold mental and verbal abuse, for merely doing their jobs, i.e. protecting the integrity of this election.

Early voting in Texas began last Monday, October 18 and Ms. Engelbrecht tells me her poll watchers began phoning in reports of harassment from the Dems and other groups in as little as four hours after reporting to their precincts.

Many left the polling places in tears, if one can imagine.

Many of the poll watchers are now facing personal security issues so they have resorted to renting cars or being dropped off and picked up at their polling stations. Outrageous for anyone faithfully doing their civic duty.

Unfortunately Texas law does not allow any type of recording device inside the polling station so any incidents must be put on paper and given to the proper authorities, whether it be to the Houston PD, Harris County DA or the Texas Secretary of State. Ms. Engelbrecht tells me she has no idea whether or not any of these incident reports have been followed-up on.

Ms. Engelbrecht’s True The Vote organization is a non-partisan one, and she makes no apologies for the group’s Conservative ideology, however, according to Texas law poll watchers must register with one candidate and she regrets the law does not allow those watchers to register as “non-partisan.” So therefore they must “choose” and therein originates the source of the abuse.

True The Vote began digging into voter registration applications in 2008 in a small office with 30 donated computers. Massive voter registration fraud was uncovered, from illegals registering to vote, to potential forgeries in applications and multiple registrations for the same person. Ms. Engelbrecht tells me the polling stations are so lax that virtually anyone can walk in and vote with no ID and no registration. The goals of Ms. Engelbrecht’s group are three-fold:

  1. education of the public
  2. research topics and candidates and also voter registration records
  3. train and alert the public of the necessity to “Get out the Vote” and also election irregularities

So what does Ms. Engelbrecht and the patriotism of her workers and organization get her in return?? The filing of 14 lawsuits against them by the Dems and various Soros-funded groups such as Houston Votes and Texas for Public Justice. It is ironic the above groups are filing lawsuits against True The Vote when these groups are involved in the very same tactics they are accusing Ms. Engelbrecht and her organization of.

Also on the phone call was one of the attorneys of Liberty Institute.org who stated to me that funds needed to defend Ms. Engelbrecht and her organization would amount to upwards of $1 million dollars however their Institute will give the legal representation at no charge.

Ms. Engelbrecht and her group are true American patriots. They are seeking more poll watchers. Here is the page where one can sign up and volunteer.

In closing Ms. Engelbrecht had this statement:

“Despite everything we are going through right now, and all the cheap shots we are taking, it is worth it. It is our right and our duty as Americans to protect the integrity of the polling process.”

Please support Ms. Engelbrecht and her group. We can all take a lesson in Patriotism from her.

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