Texas poll watchers faced with harassment by Desperate Dems

Just when you thought the sharks had gone back into the water they are circling again. The Dems along with their corrupt minions and thugs apparently didn’t feel the small shark species were enough this time and have brought out the tiger, great whites and bull sharks. In Harris County, Texas (Houston)

Liberty Pundits is reporting:

In one instance, three poll watchers were yelled at by a Democrat Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee who said,”Why are you here? We have never had poll watchers here. Ya’ll need to get on out of here.”

I did speak with Joe Kulhavy of the Texas Secretary of State/Elections Division who pointed me to the State of Texas Poll Watcher Guide. So DEMS, how about reading it, it IS allowed. I did question Mr. Kulhavy as to whether or not he had heard any reports of polling place “drama” in Harris County and he stated “oh, a little bit here and there on the local stations.” When I asked Mr. Kulhavy if he was aware this story had now made national headlines (viewers of Sean Hannity’s radio show are reporting this) he was “unaware.” OK TEXAS, isn’t it YOUR JOB to be overseeing this stuff? And if there are these kinds of reports to investigate them?

Reports have been surfacing all day about drama coming out of Harris County Texas (Houston area) where Dems have accused and filed a lawsuit claiming voter intimidation by poll watchers trained by the local non-partisan group King Street Patriots. Catherine Engelbrecht is the founder of KSP and her True The Vote campaign, and according to this statement on their website:

True the Vote exists to protect the right to vote and the integrity of the election process. Claims by partisan operatives and bloggers with an agenda that voter intimidation was conducted by True the Vote are false and libelous, and they should be retracted immediately. True the Vote has never, and will never, condone or promote voter intimidation at a polling place.

Sounds right, Catherine. Especially since you and your group uncovered an SEIU corruption plot where one former SEIU member in Texas registered 23,207 fraudulent voters in Harris County alone. According to the Houston Chronicle a Harris County attorney, Vince Ryan is investigating the Dems’ complaints of “possible” voter intimidation in primarily minority neighborhoods. This is his statement:

“Keep in mind these are allegations [emphasis mine] of voter intimidation,” O’Rourke said. “It’s sometimes in the eye of the beholder.”

Yea, I can just envision a bunch of non-partisan little old lady poll watchers, DEMS, screaming, pushing and shoving voters via the “SEIU/Chicago Way.” Doubt if they’ve taken an act from your playbook.

In this same article Hiram Sasser, an attorney for the King Street Patriots, denied the group was intimidating voters

We may be just hitting the tip of the iceberg here, folks. This could be an advance movement on the assault of our election integrity process, i.e. a “dry run” to scope out reaction before moving on to other polling places not unlike the terrorists who planned the 9/11 assaults.

One can audibly hear the screechings and “nails scraping down the chalkboard” of the Doomed Dems kicking and clawing in any means they feel fit to steal this election at any expense.

Vigilance by all is needed in what could be historically called, another nail-biter election. Take your cameras to the polls, folks.

Ironically, Harris County has been in the news lately for a suspicious fire which torched the majority of their voting machines. And yea, Harris County House District 133 Rep. Kristin Thibuat has connections to ACORN.

Who would have thought.

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