Kos Kannibals support OFA/DNC "eating their own" with identify theft risk

The last few days we’ve seen a lot of news about Obama’s OFA site, “A Project of the DNC” posting personal info online, including phone numbers and locations. There is definitely something funky going on with Obama’s site now. I have visited many times and when I tried again when I heard this stuff was going on my AVG anti-virus lit up my computer screen with “warning, you are being TRACKED” so I got out of there in a hurry. Apparently the site has radar now. Here is an example of what is being made public online at the OFA website, without even having to log in. I got this screen shot courtesy of a link from a Pajamas Media post because I didn’t want to take the chance myself.

OFA phone banking

Pajamas tells us:

This is a massive security problem for anyone whose name is on that list, which appears to include identified Democrats and Independents. And it’s caused by the Democrats and Organizing for America. With full names and phone numbers easily available, there’s probably enough there for identity thieves to go to work.

Yea, Billy. Did you know your phone number, town, age and political party is there, i.e. DEMOCRAT? How does this one make you feel, Billy? Did you complain to Obama? With a website this insecure, where people are making donations and using their credit cards to do so, this has the risk for identity theft. Undisputable.

I decided to do an “experiment” and see how the left would react to this. Our side is not stupid enough to even risk anything like this. The Dems and some Independents who are on this site are the people who need to have concern.

So naturally I picked far/left/radical Markos Moutlitsas’ DailyKos and did a small diary over there last night on the subject. And even before I could put out a tweet about the diary there were over 20 comments. Grand total right now stands at 181. And as expected the Kuss Kids had some not very kind words for me and as suspected are absolutely clueless about this issue. Here’s a couple of examples from commenters:

righwinger is a troll

Yea, I’m a troll and a “rightwinger.” One of their fav comments. And no, jaywillie it ain’t a load of rubbish.

Kos lie & trick

Here I’m a liar and cheater, also a “looter of the country.” Way off topic I think, trashablanca.

Carol as dumbass on Kos

I’m both an “idiot” and a “tool.” And a liar. Guess I won the trifecta from trashablanca.

asshole needs donuts.

From Wheever I’m an “asshole who needs donuts.” Sorry, Wheever, I ain’t a cop (sorry cops, I do have a lot of respect for you guys). And my fav is below. And yes, it was I who deleted the “u” here. Kos, we don’t feel the necessity to have a potty mouth like you guys.

fuck off

When a commenter on a Red State diary on this same subject stated:

This is SOP for GOTV ops on both sides. I have worked phones and the streets with lists with all of that information plus which elections out of the last 8 you voted in and codes for issues you have identified as important to you in party surveys. Other than the issues codes it is all public domain. Actually, building that kind of database was a Rove specialty and we were better at it than the Dems for a few years. Don’t cast stones here folks and for crying out loud DO NOT start using info the Dems are putting out to harass voters.

Moe Lane, the writer of the diary gave him a major smackdown.

Why this was worth burning an account over… …is beyond me completely. Actually, that’s untrue: I know why. It’s very awkward that OfA has made such a n00b error here. Because, no, it’s not SOP to give out entries from your donor lists to everyone on the Internet.

Way to go, Moe. In the words of Obama, let me be perfectly clear. This is NOT SOP procedure for the right. You lefties may wanna operate the “Chicago Way,” but our side uses a moral, safe and ethical manner for GOTV. The Concord Project is an excellent GOTV tool.

Concord project

You guys wanna put yourselves at risk, then go for it. We ain’t gonna. When all the Dems find out about this how many dollars are you guys gonna lose in donations. But not our problem.

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