WARNING: Socialist Democrats via DailyKos Plot Online Character Assassinations of Republican Candidates


This diary is chock full of screen shots however it is for a REASON, and that REASON is to make a major impact and for everyone to see for themselves first-hand what is happening here.

We all thought we had seen every dirty trick the left and progressives can ply on conservatives. However, there is a non-ending battle of sewage and filth they can try and put before us in an attempt to advance their progressive agenda. From thuggery instituted by SEIU and its minions, “offers you can’t refuse” by Obama, bribery, kick-backs and arm twisting all via “the Chicago Way.” But this latest attempted assault by ultra/left/progressive Markos Moulitsas and his DailyKos kid-squadron takes the cake.

Kos announced on October 8th they were taking on a new initiative, a HIT, in fact I call it a downright assassination of targeted Republican candidates for US House using SEO techniques with the assistance of their motley crew of assassins.

For those who don’t know what “SEO” is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. A technique supposedly illegal per google, at least for bloggers. Red State’s Neil Stevens on his “Tech at Night” has an excellent explanation for all the “rules” of google.

Chris Bowers of Kos introduces his “master plan” here to target and get “dirt” on targeted GOP candidates:

Kos intro

Note the first paragraph:

The goal of Grassroots SEO is to get as many undecided voters as possible to read the most damaging news [emphasis mine] article about the Republican candidate for Congress in their district.

Bowers wants everyone to “sign up” and in case you try and take the sign-up page down, Kos, here is a screen shot:

Kos sign up page

Notice at the bottom left there is a “box” to check if you are an “SEO blogger.” This is where google at least tells us they will have “issues” and could get you banned. I hope GOOGLE is reading this post and takes action against this leftist plot to try and wreck havoc on Republican candidates. I went through all of the 300-some comments by Kossacks on this page and to get my point across to everyone out there what we are up against, I am posting the most salient for your reading pleasure.

Kos & Dems as weenies

Note the words “teabagger crazies” and “elections aren’t won by being a nice guy.” Typical Kossack mentality.

Kos & civility

“We can’t simply sit back and lose the Congress to them because we were trying to make some point about civility.”

kos comment on Pelosi

‘Keeping Speaker Pelosi in her chair is what counts. I fail to see how this would be even remotely embarassing. Let the other side try to match effort, if they are able.”

Kos, google bullshit

“The narcissistic wingnut kooks Google themselves constantly. [sic] So if they see their lying bullshit at the top of the Google search, it may affect his/her campaign tactic.”

However, we apparently do have the occasional “doubter” here, BRAVO!

Kos stupid comment

Yep, ZEGOTA, it is “petty and stupid.” And “yes,” we DO KNOW you are doing it….

Now after all of this, everyone is “dying” [sorry, stupid pun] to know who is on the “target list.” Wonder no more my friends. Here goes:

Kos targets #1

Kos targets #2

Kos targets #3

kos targets #4

Kos targets #5

GOP/Republicans/RNC please take note.  As we already suspected the KOSSACKS cannot follow directions. They were INSTRUCTED by Bowers, the writer of the post to EMAIL their findings to him. However, contrary to his instructions they have already POSTED a ton of links and what they call “dirt” on this site. So I suggest STRONGLY if your NAME IS ON THE LIST to get thee to your campaign staff in a hurry to enact countermeasures.

Suggestions for countermeasures:

  • Post POSITIVE news stories about the accomplishments of the candidate.
  • RedState is an excellent Conservative site for finding Conservative candidates.
  • Use twitter and Facebook and other social networking groups to promote excellent Conservative candidates.
  • Candidates should do a “press release” denouncing the outrageous and underhanded actions of Kos.

And GOOGLE: are you watching and enacting “countermeasures and punishment” as well if necessary??

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