Peter J. Corrigan needs to win OH US #10 against Kucinich

Since 1996 OH US #10 has been in the stranglehold of US Rep. Dennis Kucinich. This district composes a wide area, Cleveland and areas west, south and east. Kucinich, a former mayor of Cleveland survived a recall vote after he nearly bankrupted the city.

I will admit I am old enough to remember the Cuyahoga River catching fire because of pollution. And sorry, voters in District 10 as a fellow Ohioan I am going to go out on a limb and believe I can say this. But apparently there is still something in the drinking water of the Cuyahoga River. Whatever possessed you guys after the debacle in Cleveland to put this man in Congress??

Kucinich has ties to former Ohio Communist Party Leader Rick Nagin and endorsed Nagin in his Cleveland City Council run.

Kucinich is a vice-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and this from their website:

Our Caucus members promote a strong, progressive agenda, what we call “The Progressive Promise–Fairness for All”.

According to Project Vote Smart he has a dismal conservative voting record and:

Representative Dennis J. Kucinich refused to tell citizens where he/she stands on any of the issues addressed in the 2010 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart, national media, and prominent political leaders.

Kucinich has a dismal lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, 9.77 out of 100 possible. And who can forget Kucinich telling us he was voting against the Healthcare bill until he received a ride on AirForce One and apparently got an offer he couldn’t refuse and changed his vote to a “yea.”

Kucinich fundraises under the conduit of Dem on-line website ActBluewhich is now proven to be funded by George Soros.

Peter Corrigan believes it’s well past due for a change in OH #10 and is running for Kucinich’s seat. Corrigan is a Harvard-educated businessman with extensive expertise in the manufacturing field, strategic planning and marketing and he is president of Prestolite/South America. He is a proponent of free enterprise and would like to see Congress cut spending and lower taxes so businesses can grow. His position on the Healthcare issue is the large number of insured should not have been sacrificed in an attempt to provide coverage for the small number of uninsured. This has already resulted in expenses the federal government cannot afford and a prediction that employers will rather pay the government-imposed penalty than provide coverage for their employees. Here is one of his videos:

On social issues Corrigan is pro-life, pro 2nd amendment and opposes amnesty. Corrigan has received the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s endorsement as well as the Firefighter’s endorsement. Even though this was not found on Corrigan’s website I was told via phone conversation with his campaign office Corrigan has also received the endorsement of Buckeye Firearms and Ohio Right to Life.

Although it seems at this point to be an uphill battle for Corrigan he is relying on face-to-face campaigning, and the massive job loss in Kucinich’s district on his watch may provide Corrigan an advantage as well as a mobilization of the Tea Party groups in northern Ohio rallying for him.

According to Ohio.com Kucinich and Corrigan will face-off in a debate on Oct. 8 at the City Club in Cleveland.

You can find further info on Corrigan on his website.

He is on twitter: @PeterJCorrigan

His FaceBook page is here.

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