Dem on-line fundraiser ActBlue "lies" when they say Soros never gave them money

Calling all GOP candidates: ARE YOU LISTENING??

A couple of weeks ago I did a post on ActBlue, the number one on-line fund-raising website for Dems. ActBlue is actually a “conduit” for Dems to fundraise and now has partnered with Kos and according to this tweet raised $1.3 million in one day alone. To date ActBlue has raised over $146 million for Dem candidates. There is a candidate directory where one can find the candidate of your choosing, and supposedly donate directly to that candidate. I want again to be perfectly clear: not every Dem candidate is on this directory, but it is by CHOICE and the candidate MUST sign up on the site to fundraise.

In the post mentioned above I tried to draw a direct link from George Soros to ActBlue, meaning he had donated to them. The Secretary of State Project, of which Soros was one of the founders, gave $7500 to ActBlue in this election cycle. The Secretary of State Project also uses ActBlue to fundraise for them according to their website. My theory at the time was ActBlue, their candidates, and Soros were “in bed” with each other by a “couple degrees of separation” but at the time couldn’t find a direct link.

Using my theory GOP candidate Sean Bielat, running against Barney Frank in MA confronted ActBlue on twitter, using my above post as ammo trying to discredit them. Here are ActBlue’s replies:

ActBlue tweet to Sean B

Twit link for above is here. And a second tweet to Bielat:

ActBlue tweet to Sean B. #2

Well ActBlue, you are a bunch of LIARS, because I have now found the smoking gun that links Soros directly to ActBlue, i.e. Soros gave $6,900 to ActBlue on May 11, 2008. UNDISPUTED!! From Campaign Finance records. I’ll even give you a screen shot, ActBlue, [highlighting is mine]:

Soros gives $6900 to ActBlue altered

And that ain’t all, ActBlue!! You guys also used your site to fundraise for a dinner Soros was having in support of Al Franken’s recount vote.

ActBlue Soros dinner for Franken #1

Bottom half of screen is below, which proves you guys actually took the bucks.

ActBlue Soros dinner #2

Here is the link from Campaign Finance docs showing Soros alone gave $10K toward that dinner. Also on the list is Robert Soros, of Soros Fund Management who gave $5K toward that dinner. If anyone wants to see where else these guys contributed, just click on their name and voila! everything pops up. And on an unrelated note, also of interest on the list is Bruce Ratner, of ACORN/mega-contributor fame. Surprise!

So bottom line is, this is no longer a “theory.” It’s a “reality.” And I am going to assert that every single candidate on ActBlue’s directory list is linked to, and in bed with Soros. And the GOP can and should be checking to see if their opponent is on the list, and if so go after them. Use this as cannon fire, ask them to try and explain this relationship away. And Rich Iott, I hope you read this, because Stupak 11 member Marcy Kaptur is on the list.

And to all you Dems who come back bitching, whining, and moaning that you “didn’t know” that is again in my book the “dog ate my homework” excuse. With campaign managers and staff at your beck and call, if a homemaker from Ohio can find out this info in short order, why can’t you??

And to ActBlue: I will be blasting the link to this post all over twitter, Facebook et al. And I’ll also be sending it to all the GOPers I know and the Dems as well. Let’s see you guys explain this away.

GOP. Go get ’em.

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