Progressive orgs using highly sophisticated software in a GOTV effort

This is a follow-up post to one by Vassar Bushmills and the roll-out of the Concord Project, a massive GOTV effort which all of us need to be involved with. Not only does the right have to contend with Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) community organizing group but other liberal/progressive GOTV and community organizing efforts numbers in the hundreds, if not the thousands. I hope this post will be another impetus for all of us to become involved.

I am focusing today on California, one of the most important states for conservatives to target. Ruby’s List calls themselves a “A Rogue Network of Progressive Organizers” and I have discovered they have billed themselves correctly. Although concentrating mainly on California according to the website:

Ruby’s List is a community of progressive organizers working together – sharing information, resources, and strategies – to enact change at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Here is a screen shot of their”tactics”:

Rubys list tactics

FYI ActBlue is the No.1 on-line fundraiser for Dems and has raised $147 million for them so far. DemDash is not particularly noteworthy, but you may examine the site here. For those of you unfamiliar with VAN (Voter Activation Network) it is a tool built for and used by progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns, Obama for America being the most well known, for GOTV and community organizing. As you can see their client list names SEIU, America Votes, AFL-CIO among others. This “progressive” VAN has now teamed with TargetSmart Communications and created the SmartVan:

Progressive campaigns and non-partisan groups can acquire state-of-the-art organizing tools with premium voter file and consumer data from a single source

Screen shot is below, highlighting is mine:


Ruby’s List among other progressive organizations, not only in California, are using the SmartVan application. Among those other progressive organizations in Ruby’s List coalition are many of the “usual suspects.” This spreadsheet found on google docs lists them all, among them are several California OFA groups, CREDO, the progressive/action oriented cell phone company which has donated $65 million to progressive causes, Democracy for America, MoveOn.org, the Boxer and Brown campaigns, Planned Parenthood, Voto Latino, League of Women Voters, the CDP (California Democratic Party) and California Voter Connect, which I’ll get to in a moment.

Please note that several of the above mentioned organizations are part of the “member list” of Election Protection which also includes NBC, MSNBC and Youtube. You may see my previous post on this subject where I explained how these “members” helped with Obama’s GOTV effort in 2008.

Now on to #30 on the California Progressive Alliance list, Dan Ancona. Dan Ancona is an IT wiz in California who tailored the VAN as a sophisticated database system for progressive California organizations. Ancona has also generously provided several tutorials of his system and I’ll share them with you. I have examined CAVoterConnect and as an infiltrator of OFA, which uses the VoteBuilder system also built by VAN, they are almost identical except for the name.

As one can see this is a highly detailed and sophisticated system which rivals the technology of Obama’s OFA. All the more reason we must “roll up our sleeves,” as Mr. Bushmills states, and get to work with our own GOTV effort.

The Concord Project can be found on twitter and also on Facebook.

Kudos to all who have spent thousands of hours designing the Concord Project website.

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