OFA/DCCC claim 568 thousand contacts last weekend

For those of you who have given me a “pat on the head” and told me “don’t worry about Mr. Obama’s Organizing for America , his GOTV/community organizing group (OFA), they’ve never accomplished anything” please read on. So if one considers “electing a president” nothing then than you are correct. However I am going to give you a refresher course.

We have this. This is how OFA tossed Blanche Lincoln before the Heathcare vote. Note the 214% “total commits.” Meaning OFA had 114% MORE calls, canvassing successes, etc., etc., etc. FYI OFA had a national goal of 300K calls, doors knocked on, visits to congressional offices in October of 2009 for healthcare. They surpassed that. It was 330,000.

OFA  altered vote commits AK

OFA tossed Scott Brown on the Wall Street Reform bill.

Scott Brown & OFA

This is OFA’s new initiative. Launched in June 2010 with a $50 million tab.

raise your vote

I have been watching closely. OFA is showing up at naturalization ceremonies, city festivals, state and county fairs to register voters. Even registering people in barber chairs. Why aren’t we doing that? Anyone who can answer that question wins a free lottery ticket.

OFA had a new initiative this past weekend. To canvass, phone bank, make contacts and register. Goal was 400K contacts. Well, I am sorry to say, OFA you didn’t meet your goal. Instead of only 400K contacts, registrants, canvassing commits, you guys only had only 368,000. Shame on you! Fell short, you guys. What is up with that? Is Obama failing at his GOTV effort?

Here is Lynda Tran, the National Press Secretary for OFA.

LyndaTran OFA tweet

The above link takes you to the OFA website, where they do indeed claim 368,000 for Dems the past weekend. And for those who beg the question, no, I don’t believe they are inflating their numbers. With the amount of dollars expended and their massive GOTV effort I have no doubt their claims are correct. FYI here is a video of national coverage of this GOTV effort.

And it wasn’t just OFA “door knocking” this weekend. The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) also had their “boots on the ground.” They claim for themselves an additional 200,000 doors-knocked on for support of their candidates.

DCCC canvassing

And this from the Libs’ Bible, Daily Kos:

DCCC canvassing Kos

So bottom line is, OFA and DCCC claim 568,000 contacts over the weekend. Even if they accomplished only half of this it is still a formidable force.

And what is the RNC/GOP/NRSC/NRCC doing to counter-act this? NADA.The GOP/RNC has been AWOL. They plan absolutely no grass roots GOTV initiative this year. They claim they beat the Dems on twitter, but so what? Is that going to counteract what I’ve shown you above?  They do have this new volunteer website which I’ve looked at, but it isn’t much.  If they happen to get their *sses out of the sand and actually do something to counteract OFA, please let me know and I’ll write it up.  If you remember GWB won the 2000 election by a measly 700? votes.

And I must say this. As an infiltrator of OFA three times: in one of their meetings, on an on-line webinar and on a phone conference. These people are scripted and well-rehearsed. They are trained to get over their fear of personal contact. No, not zombies. Very gregarious, friendly and outgoing. They are provided information on issues and how to answer questions from people they contact, both in person and over the phone. This adds to their ability to “turn” a good number of people who may otherwise resist their liberal/progressive platform and adds immensely to OFA’s success at not only community organizing but their GOTV initiative which makes them even a more formidable opponent.

The right needs a massive GOTV effort to counteract what the left is doing. Obama’s elite Republican Democrat Guards have been trained well at this. They have the money, time, and impetus to put out the effort. Let’s roll!


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