OFA offering "internships" advancing Obama's agenda, college credits included

I ran across an interesting little piece today. Actually, it was a tweet. And I don’t know about you guys, but I blew a cork when I saw it. Screen shot below:

Patrick OFA college credit

@PatickOFA tells us on his twitter bio he is the National Press Assistant for Obama’s organizing arm, Organizing for America. We all know what this group is about. So naturally I was pretty darn curious and followed the link and it brought me to this web page at OFA. Two screen shots for you. In case this goes to “URL heaven.” Sorry for the overrun, but I wanted it to be readable and for you to have the full effect.

OFA college credit 1

Last half of the page. Notice the highlighted portion. This writer’s addition:

OFA college credit 2 altered

College credit for an internship with Obama’s OFA.

OFA is offering a National Organizing Internship, connecting students all over the country with our organization on the ground, and working to make the change we fought so hard for in 2008 come to fruition. [sic]

If you would like to receive college credit [emphasis mine] for this program, please make arrangements with your school ahead of time.

So Mr. Obama, if one can receive college credit for working for the change YOU WANTED, does the reverse also hold true? Meaning can one receive college credit for working on the opposition side, FOR THE CHANGE WE WANT? Please tell me where to go to apply for that. I’ll be the first in line.

And note Obama is an “Equal Employment Opportunity” employer. Hey Obama, does that include us teabaggers?? Cuz if you turn me down, I’m gonna sue!! Just like you did Arizona. Count on it.

I asked a friend of mine about this who tells me she was able to receive college credit for internships she had done and what The Thief-In-Chief is offering is perfectly legal. I have a daughter who did internships both her junior and senior years of college and I questioned her about this as well. She told me the university she attended would not grant college credit for internships because it was not a requirement of the program. She also stated to me that other universities do grant college credit for internships if it is a requirement of their program, HOWEVER, it must usually be in their chosen field.

OK Obama. What chosen field could this possibly fall under? Thuggery, intimidation, lying, bribery? Etc., etc., etc? It is this writer’s belief that the Liar-in-Chief could be making a deliberate attempt to bamboozle college kids into working for him. To advance his agenda, I’m sure at minimal pay when they are gullible because “POTUS tells me I’m gonna get college credit. Whoo hoo!!”

All I can say is, caveat emptor. Buyer beware. Kids, you better check with your university first…

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