U of North Carolina students forced to take abortion coverage

In a stunning revelation, any student enrolled in any of the University of North Carolina’s 16 college campuses will be forced to buy health coverage, which includes abortion, through the university or purchase their own private insurance. The UNC Board of Governors implemented a revised plan in August of 2009 to be effective August of 2010. Health coverage is mandated by the university whether or not coverage is purchased through them, privately or provided under a parental plan. Pro-life groups as imagined are throwing fits. In a quote by one student:

“I’m dismayed that my classmates who cannot afford their own health coverage or who are not covered by their families will not only be forced to purchase health insurance, but they will also be forced to pay into a pool that will go to abortion the children of North Carolina students,” said Sarah Hardin, president of North Carolina State University’s chapter of Students for Life, in a prepared statement.

The proof is in the pudding on page 5:

Elective Abortion – up to $500 maximum benefit. This benefit can be removed by going to your student account at www.studentinsurance.com, and clicking “remove benefit.

I presume the male sex will opt out of this…however we all know the reasoning behind this: it is much cheaper to pay for an abortion than pay for healthcare for a kid for 18 years.

Joni Worthington, UNC VP of Communications issued this statement:

“No student is required to buy the University-sponsored plan; in fact, to date more than 90,000 students have elected not to purchase the University plan,” she said. “What our students are required to do is have a health insurance plan that provides creditable health care coverage. Any student may choose to purchase health insurance elsewhere that does not provide elective abortion coverage. Our sole concern is that our students all have affordable, high-quality health care coverage.”

And for those who don’t wish to take a chance, there is always the dispensary at the local gas station, rest rooms or the “welcome pack” at many high end hotels.

If it’s not a baby, why are you pregnant? Please see my previous post on lies by Planned Parenthood.

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