Soros ordains "successor" to OH SoS Brunner + more corrupt networks

Do I need another caveat about lost nerve synapses? Gonna try going without this time.

Well, it’s official. Soros has named his “chosen one” whom he hopes will be elected and take over the corrupt platitudes of Ohio current ACORN Queen Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. Her name is Maryellen O’Shaughnessy who is currently Ohio State Clerk of Courts. Soros’ apparent first choice was Marilyn Brown however she lost the Ohio primary to O’Shaughnessy so she’s been “replaced.” Maryellen is an angel-face, but that’s usually who the devil targets. And when you lie down with the devil you are bound to get your eyebrows singed or worse. So I hope Maryellen you know what you are in for.

ActBlue is the No.1 online fundraising blog for Democrats and has partnered with Soros’ Secretary of State Project to have progressive Democrats placed in key states where they may be “amenable” to helping his chosen candidates into office. A quote from the ActBlue site:

Since 2000 our faith in our elections has been shaken. Corrupt Republican Secretaries of State, like Katherine Harris in Florida and James [wrong 1st name, BTW] Blackwell in Ohio, have quite possibly stolen elections. Fraud, intimidation and dirty tricks have become standard procedure for Republicans to try and win. What we need is reform and to fight for Democrats to be Secretaries of State. The Secretary of State Project focuses on just this.

The Secretary of State Project (SOS Project) evaluates candidates based on their positions on election issues – primarily support for a voter-verifed paper trail and transparency of the voting process, strict enforcement of laws preventing voter intimidation, opposition to any and all barriers to voting by and registration of citizens, and a committment to increasing voter turnout rather than suppressing the votes of traditionally disenfranchised groups.

Yep. Jennifer Brunner fits that description for sure with her ties to ACORN and ProjectVote to name a few. Jen, you went all the way to SCOTUS in 2008 to get your way on voting issues: dead voters, allowing ACORN to register people 72 times in exchange for stogies, park benches declared as residences, etc.,etc., etc. You sent the RNC and their bevy of attorneys scurrying hither and yon to distract from all your corrupt goings-on and I’m sure if O’Shaughnessy is elected you’ll be a good teacher. Obama will be paying a visit to Columbus on Wednesday to stump for Strickland and Fisher so it will be interesting to see if he hands O’Shaughnessy a note with the number of a bank account in the Caymans with a little “advance payment.” I’m sure Brunner already has hers for an extremely “job well done” in delivering Ohio to Obama.

But as with all these corruptocrats while doing research one always seems to discover a bunch of other corrupt networks, so here we go again. Why doesn’t this surprise me anymore? FYI the GOP nominee for SoS is John Husted currently an Ohio state senator. Unfortunately I can find no polling on this so can’t give any ideas on what the outcome could be.

My first link I found on the SoS Project was on the lib’s version of wikipedia: SourceWatch. I immediately recognized the group Working Assests. Working Assets is the parent company of progressive cell phone company CREDO which has donated more than $65 million to progressive groups and also has an “action center” for progressive causes. I knew at the time CREDO had to be corrupt but couldn’t find the connection until now. It just took me a couple of days. Besides President & co-founder Michael Kieschnick what do you know. Co-founder is Drummond Pike.

Drummond Pike we know is not only the CEO of the Tides Foundation but also the treasurer of the Democracy Alliance. The Democracy Alliance is a group of high-rollers who donate to progressive causes. And guess who is on the board: Anna Burger of SEIU fame. Burger was a key player in the formation of the Democracy Alliance and just stepped down from SEIU after losing the presidency to Mary Kay Henry. Also on the board is another name I immediately recognized, Michael Vachon. Vachon is advisor to the chairman of the Soros Fund Management. Some members of note of the Democracy Alliance are Herb & Marion Sandler, Soros, SEIU & another name I recognized Robert Glaser. Glaser is the CEO of RealNetworks and his Glaser Progress Foundation was a major donor to Robert McChesney’s Marxist think-tank Free Press along with the Sandlers, Democracy Alliance and Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Hey. We aren’t done yet. Here’s a great map from muckety on all the key players and their relationships.

Notice SEIU, Burger, Democracy Alliance, Drummond Pike, and Network for Good. Drummond Pike is the director of Network for Good which is a service many non-profits use to process donations. I also suspected Network for Good was corrupt when I gave a small donation to the now-rebranded ACORN Affordable Housing Centers of America and the donation showed up on my credit card as “Network for Good” however it was not until now I learned this was Drummond Pike’s baby. Please take a look on the muckety page for all the other networks Pike and Burger are involved with.

So Soros–>Secretary of State Project (O’Shaughnessy & others)/ActBlue–>CREDO–>Drummond Pike–>Democracy Alliance–>Anna Burger–>Michael Vachon–>Soros Fund Management–>Herb & Marion Sandler/Soros/SEIU/Robert Glaser/Glaser Progress Foundation/Soros Open Society Institute–>Marxist Robert McChesney/Free Press–>Democracy Alliance–>Drummond Pike–>Network for Good–>rebranded ACORN Affordable Housing Centers of America.

And the circle goes round and round. You can find more detailed info about the above relationships in my post Media Takeover 101: Part II Discover the corrupt networks If your brain can handle it.

Bottom line is Ohio is an important part of Soros’ project to install SoS’s sympathetic to his causes. Obama knows this or he wouldn’t be paying so many visits to this state. For those in Ohio please make sure you are registered to vote and cast your ballot for Husted. We already have Soros installees in other states, two of major note are Robin Carnahan in Missouri and Mark Ritchie in Minnesota who “delivered” the senate election to Al Franken.

Ohio can’t afford to take a chance and have another corrupt Secretary of State.

“As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” Most of the time, but not always.

BTW: Maryellen, if you see this post PLEASE take note and re-evaluate your “relationship” with Soros. The integrity of the Ohio election is again at stake.

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