Gun Owners of America linked to Soros & Marxist McChesney's Free Press think tank

Second caveat. I warned in my previous post Media Takeover 101 Part II: Discover the Corrupt Networks you would probably at the very least lose some synapses. This time I am offering the caveat that your head is gonna explode. So for those brave enough, please read on.

Ok. You guys are probably sick of hearing about avowed Marxist Robert McChesney and Free Press and Soros. McChesney is a former editor of the Marxist paper Monthly Reveiew and is still a contributor. But I stated previously I was going to need a chalkboard bigger than my backyard to show you all the corrupt networks. But I misstated. I need one actually bigger than the city of Toledo. This stuff just keeps going on, and on and on and seems to have an unlimited amount of Energizer batteries.

McChesney’s and Josh Silver’s Free Press is not just advocating an entire media grab by the government. They are also big proponents of “Net Neutrality” and are making this another one of their missions in life. What I am about to show you will probably provide some “shock and awe” and surprise and chagrin most of you.

I got the lead on this from some crapola from my NutRoots bag and decided to do follow up at home and am dismayed at what I have found and will show you all the proof. McChesney & Silver not only run the Free Press but also the website Save the Internet as can be seen at the top of the web page. All the Charter members are listed on this page and at the bottom is a link to even more members. Save the Internet, like Free Press is also a misnomer. They don’t want to save anything: it’s about complete government control of the media and the internet. Here is a screen shot of their “mission statement.”

Save the internet

And here is their video “explaining” this, note Jon Stewart:

And the Thief-in-Chief on “Net Neutrality.”

But this post is not so much about “Net Neutrality” as it is about the “players” involved. I ran through previously some of Free Press’ major donors like the Open Society Institute which links to George Soros, the Media Democracy Fund which also links to George Soros. Donors Herb and Marion Sandler also link to the Open Society Institute, Soros, MoveOn, America Votes, ACORN and the Center for American Progress which links to Soros. With me yet? We also have the donor Democracy Alliance which links to George Soros and Drummond Pike and the Tides Foundation.

Ok. Let’s move on to the list of Save the Internet coalition and their charter members. First off we have the Coalition Coordinator which is Free Press. Timothy Wu is on the board of Free Press. Members of note which immediately caught my eye are:

  • Craig’s List
  • MoveOn
  • Credo which is a “progressive cell phone company” and has donated $65 million to progressive organizations
  • Democracy for America, Howard Dean’s baby which is now run by brother Jimmy
  • ACLU
  • SEIU
  • Color of Change
  • Teamsters
  • Democrats.com who call themselves “aggressive progressives” and link to CREDO
  • Media Matters

Not really any big surprises here. But the shocker is:

Gun Owners of America. This blogger isn’t going to cut them any slack here. After all, when you hitch your cart to a Marxist, what does that make you? Probably most of the organizations on this list are benign and could say I wasn’t aware, however, my high school physics teacher didn’t cut me any slack when I left out a crucial portion of my study on Wave Motion. And this was before the internet came into existence.

After the NRA/Disclose Act debacle I confettied my NRA card and sent it back to them with a nice little note. GOA I would welcome any statement you have on this. If a homemaker from Ohio can discover the corrupt networks and that McChesney is an avowed Marxist and is after the internet and our media what’s your excuse? And the Soros connections are undisputed unless you can refute your “membership” in his coalition. However the link is there which takes one directly to your site. And GOA let me be perfectly clear, I have a screen shot from the webpage.

Save the internet members 1

GOA. Will await your reply.

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