Ecuadoran president Correa apparently scrubs all news of Chevron lawsuit

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador
Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador

Well, I believe it’s finally official. The leftist-prez-Thug-in-Chief-Chavez wannabe at the right is no longer a wannabe. I believe he’s an “is.” Correa pals around with Morales of Bolivia and has taken lessons from Chavez on let’s put all the journalists in jail who don’t agree with me, or worse. Correa is also a best buddy of Marxist Free Press founder Robert McChesney, who advocates a total media takeover by the US government and gave Correa an award for “exceptional achievement” (don’t know for sure for what but will give you my ideas later) at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign back in April.

This post’s subject matter was originally to be about the Chevron lawsuit brought by a bunch of Ecuadorans over a massive toxic sludge dump by Texaco in the Amazon over a period of time before Chevron bought them, but first I need to get on this tangent before proceeding.

Several months ago I did a diary about the award Correa received from McChesney and was able to get a few good links and info from major Ecuadoran newspapers. Deciding to again research Ecuadoran papers for new developments on the Chevron suit I discover I can’t find any. Oh, I have the original list of major papers in Quito and elsewhere. And also one called the Andean Laundry was extremely helpful. However what do you know

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  • I did find this article from September of 2009 on Chevron, but nothing since on any site and the video link at the bottom doesn’t work
  • I did find a couple of blogs from Ecuador but they mention nothing about facts, just opinion

So all the above is telling me apparently Correa has succeeded with his “wish” like Chavez, to control the media in Ecuador and this is why he received an award for “exceptional achievement” from McChesney. After all, being a dictator is hard work. McChesney should be proud.

But now onto the Chevron suit. Developments in the $27.4 billion suit appear to show collusion between a supposedly “impartial” court-appointed investigator by the name of Richard Cabrera and the Ecuadoran plaintiffs attorneys. Chevron claims outtakes in a documentary film on Texaco’s dumping called “Crude” made by film maker Joe Beringer document meetings and conversations between Cabrera and the attorneys. Chevron has made allegations regarding Cabrera many times in the 17 year old suit. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“These outtakes show that plaintiffs’ counsel, consultants and associates colluded from the very beginning to have Cabrera appointed and to then have the allegedly neutral ‘Special Master’ adopt their bogus, multi-billion dollar damages claims and present them to the (Ecuadoran) court and the world as his own,” the filing reads.

So of course Beringer invoked his “journalist first amendment rights” and didn’t want to turn over the outtakes to Chevron until the New York Court of Appeals ordered him to do so a couple of weeks ago. Chevron is now sifting through the 421 tapes of unreleased footage and hopes to get proof positive Cabrera was seeking monetary return for his “assistance.” According to CNN Chevron believes the tapes it has seen so far warrant having Beringer deposed.

FYI the tapes have not been released to the public. After 17 years don’t expect this case to move in a hurry. After all, manana.