Media takeover 101 Part II: Discover the Corrupt Networks

Caveat: if you guys don’t stroke-out after reading this at the very least you are going to lose some synapses.
All those under the care of a neurologist, take your meds before reading. All those who don’t heed this warning, see Obama for Healthcare Deform.

A few days ago I did a post Media Takeover 101, brought to you by NutRoots and Marxist McChesney. To briefly re-iterate, and let me be perfectly clear, McChesney’s Marxist think-tank Free Press was designed to orchestrate an entire media grab by the government. McChesney already has former employees in the State Dept and the FTC. This post is a “follow the corrupt networks.” I originally had the idea of doing a chalkboard kind of thing a la Glenn Beck but the further I delved into this mess I realized I would need one bigger than my backyard. And I’ll say right off the bat I lost track of how many times I’ve seen the name George Soros.

As with any corrupt organization the Donor List always tells the story. I’ll give you a screen shot of McChesney’s Marxist line-up. It can also be found on page 15 of Free Press 2008 Annual Report. I went though the majority of these donors, some appear to be benign. However, the mere fact they are associated with this corrupt organization should give one reason to pause.

Free Press major donors

I have found that Muckety.com is a good website which has connected many the corrupt networks so I’ll refer to the donors and then give you the links to see for yourselves. This is in no particular order.

The Open Society Institute networks to George Soros and also formerly to Bill Clinton (dotted lines are former networks). Stewart Paperin on the same diagram links to Soros Economic Development Fund. Paperin is Executive VP of the Open Society Institute as well as the Soros Economic Development Fund. From Paperin’s bio:

Stewart J. Paperin manages the administration and operations of the network, providing leadership to the foundations’ economic reform and economic development activities. He also assists Soros Fund Management in managing its extensive equity investments in Russia.

The Media Democracy Fund another donor, has a fundraiser for the Open Society Institute (Soros).

To be hosted by Open Society Institute in New York, this meeting is an opportunity for interested funders to learn about and discuss the state of the communications and technology field, policy issues, content and infrastructure development.

Morton Halperin is also involved with Soros Open Society Institute and:

provides strategic guidance on U.S. and international issues.

Halperin is also involved with the Center for American Progress a progressive organization which basically tells untruths about Obamacare.

Have I lost you guys yet? Brains fried? That’s how they want it. We are just getting started. Let’s move on.

The Sandler Supporting Family Foundation. Ah Herb & Marion. Voted by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most to blame for the financial meltdown. Herb & Marion gave $525K to ACORN. Herb & Marion also gave $50 million to help John Podesta start the Center for American Progress noted above.

Herb Sandler links to the now defunct Golden West, Marion Sandler, Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, Center for American Progress and MoveOn. org. MoveOn is linked to Sandler, America Votes, which is an aggressive/progressive campaign focused on redistricting, Soros, and Healthcare for America Now a grassroots campaign supported by Obama.

And before you guys all end up on a ventilator, I’m gonna leave the best donor for last. The Democracy Alliance.

The Democracy Alliance is a first-of-its-kind partnership of change-makers who are committed to a stronger democracy and a more progressive America. Launched in 2005, the Democracy Alliance has played a leadership role in forming a more integrated progressive community which has created greater efficiencies and cost effectiveness in executing progressive strategies, developing policy, and fostering leadership.The platform created by the Alliance provides a premier opportunity for individuals to leverage the impact of their progressive philanthropy. It connects the individual efforts of donors with those of other donors, high-impact organizations, and visionary political strategists and leaders.Powered by shared values, the Democracy Alliance has emerged as one of the largest drivers of progressive activist funding in the country.

Here we have the chart for Democracy Alliance. Note again George Soros and Drummond Pike. Also Michael Vachon who links to Soros Financial Management. Vachon is a manager for the Soros Fund Management. Also listed is Drummond Pike and the Tides Foundation. And we all know what that is about.

Also linked is Network for Good which is supposedly an intermediary which takes contributions for non-profits. I gave a minimal donation to the rebranded/ACORN Affordable Housing Centers of America as an experiment and it showed up on my credit card as “Network for Good.” Network for Good has had complaints about my donations don’t end up where I intended! And yes, there are only a few here. But when my credit card statement showed up after making a donation to ACORN as “Network for Good” you do the math.

We’ve only covered a small number of the donors on this list which all come from Marxist/McChesney. Any doubt in your minds now?

And just for fun, gonna add one more. George Soros in the center.

I’m giving a lottery ticket to the person who has the most fried brain cells. Glenn Beck, eat your heart out.

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