New York corruptocrats "hall of political infamy"

This is Part IV in a series about the corrupt Working Families Party begun in New York by ACORN, SEIU and other major labor unions. This is a sham, ultra-liberal minor political party who launders campaign finance dollars, sets up corporate shells and endorses politicians in anticipation of mega-bucks coming into their coffers to advance their progressive agenda. Please read the previous entries where I set the background and all the players. Part I is here and you can find Part II is here. And Part III is here.

Part IV

As I mentioned in Part I New York election law allows cross-endorsing: meaning a candidate can appear on the ballot of more than one political party. This means that votes from both parties are tallied together for the final count. Working Families Party (WFP, here on) uses this advantage to attract politicians to fight for their agenda. In return, that candidate knows they owe some allegiance to WFP. Now that we know the “usual suspects” of ACORN, SEIU et al are part of the Working Families Party “family” and their corrupt goings-on, here is the line-up of the major politicians in their pocket.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton speaks to WFP in 2000, (Handschuh/News)

The first major player WFP added to their list of political successes was Hillary Clinton, when in 2000 she appeared on both the Democratic and WFP ballot. HRC garnered 3,562,415 votes from the Dems and 102,094 from WFP. So now HRC knows she owes part of her victory to the WFP. As evidenced by the photo above, one can see the relationship as this was taken during a speech to the group. Of course Clinton and hubby Slick Willy have close ties to ACORN and their roots, both originally having sprung from Arkansas. Clinton was again endorsed by both the Dems and WFP in 2006, she garnered 2,698,931 votes from the Dems and 148,792 from WFP.

Eliot Spitzer

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-NY)

Who can forget this picture? Former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whom we all know resigned in disgrace in 2008 after hooker-gate. I’m including him with his wife in the above picture as a reminder of his total lack of moral and political integrity. Not only putting the state of New York through this horrid affair but his loyal wife as well.

But Spitzer also owes part of his 2006 gubernatorial win to WFP. He appeared on both the Democratic and WFP ballot as shown by this NY SoS election results sheet. Spitzer received 2,740,864 votes from the Democratic ticket and 155,184 from the WFP ticket. In addition, Working Families Party illegally expended party funds in a democratic primary to elect a district attorney in Albany, who would later try to white wash Spitzer’s involvement in trooper gate before recanting and finding Spitzer’s agents at the base of the plot.

Governor David Paterson

Gov. David Paterson (D-NY)

Even though I can find no current or direct evidence of Paterson’s involvement with WFP, I am including him in this expose because he ran on Spitzer’s ticket as Lt. Governor under the WFP ballot line. A guilt by association kind of thing. And with all the previous shenanigans of WFP before this gubernatorial election there could be no way Paterson was unaware of their background and what they represent. Paterson took over after Spitzer resigned and is not currently seeking election to the governorship.

Hey!! Is there ANY POLITICIAN in New York that is not corrupt? It appears not so. Next on the list is:

Senator Chuck Schumer

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY)

Yep, Chuck. We always knew you had a little thing goin on there. But in 2004 you took the corrupt Working Families Party ballot with the others. The New York Secretary of State doesn’t lie. But you took an incredible 4,384,907 votes on the Democratic ballot and 168,719 on the Working Families Party ballot. And you are running for re-election in the fall. Word on the street is you are gonna take the Working Families ballot again, as well as the Dems ballot. I feel like Socrates wandering through the streets with his lantern asking:

Is there an honest man anywhere?

What is lurking in the water in New York state anyhow? Which brings us to Schumer’s protege, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The junior senator from New York. She was appointed in 2008 amid mega-controversy after Hillary Clinton resigned to become Secretary of State.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) & HRC

Two peas in a pod. They even look like mother and daughter, right? And for those who don’t know, Gillibrand is on the left. Due to the expression on their faces, Hillary must have just clued Gillibrand in about how she can work two parties, skirt campaign finance laws and get money for her senatorial run in 2010 from ACORN/SEIU created Working Families Party. And by the way WFP has endorsed Gillibrand as well as Schumer for Election 2010. Working Families Party Executive Director Daniel Cantor says:

“These outstanding individuals [Schumer & Gillibrand] [cough] have shown a longstanding commitment to working families and they are the best candidates currently available. That said, they are all team players, and should stronger candidates emerge, WFP members may revisit today’s decisions.”

Gillibrand was one out of seven senators who voted against banning ACORN from receiving federal funds after the “pimp and pro” sting last fall. Malkin in her article calls Gillibrand a sex ring enabler. Moral of the story is,

Angel faces are not necessarily trustworthy.

In a new development today, I discovered Schumer, Gillibrand and Paterson are throwing a huge birthday-bash for another corruptocrat, Charlie Rangel. Please see Dan Spencer’s post on RedState.

NY Assembly Woman Dede Scozzafava

NY AssemblyWoman Dede Scozzafava

Scozzafava will be always known as the liberal, Republican, embattled and ill-fated “NY 23” candidate who was chosen by the Republican chairs to be the nominee for the Congressional seat vacated by John McHugh when he resigned to become Secretary of the Army. And Working Families Party isn’t just for Democrats. Scozzafava was deeply criticized for excepting their endorsement in earlier assembly campaigns. And wouldn’t you know. Her hubby Ron McDougall is an organizer for one of the unions that helped create the party. So that explains that.

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate for NY 23 took Scozzafava to task for her relationship with WFP:

“Dede Scozzafava claims to be a Republican, yet, time and again, she has run as a candidate of the radical left Working Families Party,” Hoffman said.

“The WFP is an organization that detests almost every principle the GOP stands for and with its sister organization, ACORN, has worked to radicalize the New York political scene.”

“I am calling Dede Scozzafava to disavow her relationship with the WFP, condemn ACORN for its actions and come clean on her and her husband’s dealings with the two entities.”

According to the National Legal and Policy Center Scozzafava has yet to denounce the Working Families Party. With her poll numbers tanking after major Republican heavy-hitters like Sarah Palin and Fred Thompson endorsed Hoffman she dropped out of the race and threw her support to the Democratic candidate Bill Owens. A week after the 2009 election, Scozzafava was stripped of her Republican leadership position in the State Assembly.

Patrick Gaspard, White House Political Director

Patrick Gaspard, WH Political Director

Steeped in controversy, Obama’s White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard has a myriad of questionable ties to ACORN, SEIU, Bertha Lewis and the “usual suspects.” Erick Erickson did an excellent job in September of laying out all the info including his ties to Working Families Party and all the other corrupt entities involved in NY politics, the White House and beyond. Gaspard apparently was also a deciding force in Dede Scozzafava’s decision to endorse Dem Bill Owens for NY 23 after her ill-fated run. From the Washington Post:

he [Gaspard] played a pivotal role in the effort over the weekend to persuade Republican State Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava to endorse the Democratic candidate in the special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, two senior White House officials said Sunday. One senior official added that Gaspard was the “air traffic controller” of multiple parties as events in the district unfolded. Scozzafava, a rare Republican who who supports same-sex marriage and abortion rights, endorsed Bill Owens rather than the Conservative Party candidate two days ahead of Election Day, a major victory for Democrats in arguably the most closely watched contest in the country.

FYI for those who don’t know, Bill Owens won the election.

NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

NY Atty. Gen. Andrew Cuomo

Quite a little hypocrite we have here. In his AG race in 2006 he took both the WFP ballot line and the Democratic ballot line. As this report from the NY Secretary of State shows Cuomo garnered 2,356,809 votes from the Dems and 152,502 votes from Working Families Party. Now Cuomo is running for NY governor against Republican Rick Lazio and Cuomo now says he ain’t sure right yet if he is going to take the WFP line this election. He wanted WFP to put “place holders” on their ballot during their convention last month which would delay any endorsement by them and allow him to make a decision because he wants to wait for WFP federal investigation outcome. Since the New York’s primary isn’t until September, Cuomo could decide to take their ballot line and his name could then be swapped for the name placed on the ballot during the WFP convention.

A spokesman for Rick Lazio has taken Cuomo to task over this issue:

“Back-room political dealing in Albany is exactly what New Yorkers are tired of and what Andrew Cuomo has perfected over nearly 30 years in Albany,” said the spokesman, Barney Keller. “This proves exactly what we’ve been saying: Andrew Cuomo has been too political for too long.”

And wouldn’t you know. SEIU, United Federation of Teachers and other labor unions who gave WFP it’s start along with ACORN are peeved at Cuomo. New York election law requires a party to win at least 50,000 votes or lose their status which makes the stakes high for WFP. WFP endorsed three little-known candidates at their convention which can be swapped out in the event Cuomo decides to take their party line. Any bets on this one?

Cuomo took the WFP line once before. This blogger doesn’t think it’s an offer he can refuse.

Barack Obama

Not even going to put up a pic of this one. Would be a waste of space.

Then Senator Barack Obama in 2008 ran under both the ballot lines of the Democrats and Working Families Party, as seen by this New York Secretary of State election results PDF, totals are on page 2. Obama/Biden garnered 4,804,945 votes from the Dems and 159,613 from the Working Families Party (WFP on this PDF is called “WOR,” I called the NY SoS office and spoke with Kevin Doyle in the elections department and he verified this). FYI HRC actually won the presidential primary in New York but of course we all know Obama eventually received the Dems party nomination.

So bottom line is, there’s gotta be something in the drinking water in New York for so many corruptocrats to be spawned from that state. For those of you who had never heard of Working Families Party I hope I’ve alerted you this is another group which needs to be on the “watch list.”

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