Shell games & money laundering invade New York campaigns

Please visit Parts I and II for the background and networks of all these corrupt entities which affect not only New York but other states and the US electoral integrity.

Part III

Money laundering and corporate shells invade New York under the guise of Data & Field Services, a for-profit company set up by the non-profit Working Families Party created by Dan Cantor and ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis.

The first lawsuit sprung up last fall, complainants being five aggrieved Staten Island voters who claimed NY Councilwoman Debi Rose bested Ken Mitchell because she paid the nominal fee of $19,000 to Data & Field Services for campaign services when the going rate is around $100,000.

Data & Field Services, created by corrupt Working Families Party provided Rose with phone banking, petitioning and polling. One of the complainants Randy Mastro, a former Deputy Mayor under Rudy Guiliani states:

“The Working Families Party is using its captive corporate shell, DFS, to launder illegal campaign contributions to candidates the party supports. Debi Rose’s campaign is a perfect example of how this works.”

Mastro asked a judge to order Rose to pay the full market value of the services she received from Data & Field Services. The New York Campaign Finance Board had declared Data & Field Services an arm of the Party and has said anything WFP undertakes over and above what Data and Field Services provides as a campaign donation.

Since corporations are limited to giving political candidates $5,000 worth of services or cash in a calendar year, the discounted DFS rates are tantamount to in-kind political contributions that never get reported, the suit says.

So all you guys out there are asking me why should a New York Councilwoman’s troubles and lawsuits brought against her matter to me, after all I’m on the other side of the Hudson?

I’ll give you an example. This is why. I give you horn-dog former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer
Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer

Spitzer ran under the WFP party line and Democratic party line during his gubernatorial campaign. The tentacles and feelers of these two groups and their founders, Bertha Lewis of ACORN fame and SEIU et al reach far beyond Staten Island. Also Working Families Party illegally expended party funds in a democratic primary to elect a district attorney in Albany, who would later try to white-wash Spitzer’s involvement in trooper gate before recanting and finding Spitzer’s agents at the base of the plot.

My next post will reveal the scandalous charade of other federal and state representatives who have a vested interest in WFP. But please read on for the climax of the Mastro suit.

Daniel Cantor, Executive Director of Working Families Party apparently thought he wouldn’t wake up to find a dead horse in his bed, because he initially felt a judge’s subpoena to turn over documents of Data and Field Services was an offer he could refuse. Cantor eventually did a paper dump on the Staten Island Supreme Court which angered Justice Anthony Giacobbe. Working Families Party and Data and Field Services are supposed to be separate entities, however they share office space and the now-disgraced ACORN NY HQ was also in the same building.

Cantor’s proclamation of a “separation of powers” between WFP and DFS appears to be a fictitious attempt to do an end-run around campaign finance law to enable WFP to exceed legal limits on donations to its candidates. After much drama and a standing-room only courtroom audience, Data and Field Services was ordered to become a non-profit and put reforms into place to ensure WFP-backed candidates would not have an unfair advantage in campaigns.

So the bottom line is any money spent by WFP makes to the campaign of its candidates can’t be considered an independent effort- it must be disclosed as as in-kind contribution. And of course the GOP got into the mix, slamming what they call the WFP “game plan” and having a hissy-fit:

“They’re dancing on the edge of the law — but they know where the edge is,” said the source.

In the next post I’ll reveal the US senators, governors and a gubernatorial candidate in the mix.

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