Working Families Party spawned from the loins of "the usual suspects"

Working Families Party

This will be a series of posts about the left-wing ultra progressive Working Families Party. I’ll be going through the network which encompasses their party, ACORN, Obama, and other groups and entities. Also included will be New York politicians, United States Congressman and some members of Obama’s administration. This is enough to make Glenn Beck’s chalkboard implode, it is so unbelievable. Or not.

Please follow the series as it is just way too convoluted for one post. I guarantee you’ll be amazed. Or not. FYI I’ll be using “WFP” for Working Families Party throughout the posts.

Part 1

The Working Families Party is a minor political party begun in New York state in 1998 by Daniel Cantor, a former staffer of Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign. But don’t let the innocent-sounding name fool you. Cantor transferred his socio-democratic-progressive ideas and vision from his now defunct New Party to WFP, with the enlistment of the “usual suspects” of mega-community organizers like ACORN, SEIU and other labor unions.


Steve Kest, New York’s ACORN leader was a dominant force in the formation of the party. WFP also has a major alliance with SEIU #1199 which contributes almost $100,000 annually to its $1.4 million budget. I know, you can already see the major potential for shenanigans. Bertha Lewis, ACORN CEO was co-founder but word on the street is she is no longer with the organization.

The founders were smart. They recognized an unusual law in New York and several other states which would enable them to grow their party and corrupt influence and just like ACORN skirt the laws, if not break them, to get their chosen candidates elected. New York was initially chosen for their “debut” because of its allowance for what is labeled as “fusion voting” which allows for cross-endorsing candidates. Since its beginnings in New York WFP has added several other states to its family, those being Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware, South Carolina, Oregon and Delaware. An excellent explanation for cross-endorsement comes from the Connecticut WFP website:

CT WFP & fusion voting

A prime example of the above was the 2000 US Senate race results for NY state, where Hillary Clinton won with both the assistance of the Democratic Party & the WFP. HRC garnered 3,562,415 votes from the Dems and 102,094 from WFP. So now HRC knows she owes part of her victory to the WFP.

WFP claims a myriad of accomplishments:

  • 2001: Together with ACORN, SEIU 1199 and other allies, WFP passes a living wage bill in New York City covering over 100,000 workers
  • 2002: WFP leads the fight for solving the New York City budget crisis through progressive revenue increases, not deep service cuts.
  • 2003: WFP helps pass two NYC bills on behalf of immigrants — one requiring City agencies to provide translation services, the other forbidding them to ask about or report on clients immigration status.
  • 2003: With SEIU 1199 and United Federation of Teachers, WFP successfully pressures state legislature to override Gov. Pataki’s deep budget cuts.
  • 2004: WFP receives over 169,000 votes for Chuck Schumer [emphasis mine] for U.S. Senate – a 50,000 vote increase from our previous record.
  • 2006: WFP’s Take Back Congress targets vulnerable Republican Congressmembers in New York State and Connecticut. Three of our four priority candidates – Kirsten Gillibrand [emphasis mine, and now a US Senator] (NY-20), Mike Arcuri (NY-24) and Chris Murphy (CT-5) – captured Republican-held seats and joined the new majority.
  • 2007: WFP plays a critical role beating back anti-immigrant legislation in Suffolk County.
  • 2008: WFP members and canvassers trudge through the snow to help Democrat Darrel Aubertine win a shocking upset in the North Country. The victory thins the Republican Senate majority to just one seat.
  • 2009: WFP-supported candidates usher in a progressive landslide in New York City elections, achieving many historic “firsts.”

And a key one below:

  • 2008: The WFP helps take back the State Senate after 30 years of right-wing Republican rule, and gets more than 150,000 votes for Barack Obama [emphasis mine] on its ballot line.

And wouldn’t you know. I even found of video of nonpartisan ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis asking voters to cast their ballot for Barack Obama on the Working Parties Line:

Our taxpayer dollars at work. For ACORN and her WFP to endorse a presidential candidate.

Knowing the background of the players in this coalition, primarily ACORN and SEIU, you probably guessed it didn’t take long for the shenanigans to begin. And you are right. Via the NY Times they began in earnest in 2000 when apparently WFP strived to cull the Democratic primary candidates with the help of the NY Board of Elections in favor of their preferred candidate Hillary Clinton. Other problems arose in multitudinous fashion, this one an example out of many:

In the case of the Working Families party, seven Republican state senators filed suit in their respective counties on Wednesday and Thursday, challenging not only the nominating petitions for their opponents — a commonplace tactic in New York — but the party’s right to nominate any candidates at all. [sic] The complaints note that the Working Families Party, first created in 1998 and with fewer than 5,000 registered voters, does not yet have an elected state committee, only an interim committee.

Now I’m going to set the stage for you with some really interesting stuff. Every entity, corporation, non-profit etc. is supposed to be registered within the state it is doing business in. Here we go.

  • The New York Secretary of State lists the Working Families Party address as 88 Third Ave., Brooklyn NY.
  • The Working Families Website lists their address as 2 Nevins St. in Brooklyn.
  • New York Communities for Change, which is the rebranded ACORN in New York has an address of 2 Nevins St., Brooklyn.
  • Mutual Housing Association of New York, or MHANY which is the former ACORN HOUSING has their address at 2 Nevins St.
  • Project Vote, which is one of ACORN’s subsidiaries has an address of 2 Nevins St. in Brooklyn.

And here is a whitepages.com listing, which I am going to give you a screen shot of:

Groups listed on Nevins St. - Copy

Now look who we have here. All at the same address on Nevins St.

  • Working Families Party
  • ProjectVote
  • Mutual Housing NY ACORN
  • New York Communities for Change.

Told you. All the “usual suspects.” Having all these corrupt groups at the same address is inherently dangerous. But we have another group of interest. Data and Field Services. Confirmed by the New York Secretary of State as having an address of 2 Nevins St.

Data and Field Services is another corrupt group intertwined and connected with “all the above.”

Who is Data and Field Services? Stay tuned..

ACORN banner