Obama launches new H/C propaganda site today, Kenny S. this one's for you

I really do hope that Kenny Solomon is reading this post. Cuz then he can print out the e-mail I received posted below and have another item for target practice.

This one is from Nancy-Ann DeParle, Director, White House Office of Health Reform. And this letter is meant for all of us unlike the Medicare propaganda brochure the Seniors received I discussed earlier here. But this one is still a piece of propaganda crap misinformation.

The White House is “unveiling” it’s new website called Take Healthcare into Your Own Hands. Here is the e-mail I received:

E-Mail From Nancy-Ann DeParle, Whithouse

And of course I took a look at the website. I first went to the “find insurance in your state” pretending I had none at the moment and a list popped up which did contain Medical Mutual, the company I am insured with now. As you can see by the screen shot below there is a lot of missing info. No pricing available until October.  Here is the link because it is difficult to read:

Medical Mutual from Whitehouse - Copy

Now on to the Seniors page.

Medicare page from Whitehouse

Key points, it states:

  • The life of the Medicare Trust fund will be extended to at least 2029, a 12-year extension as a result of reducing waste, fraud and abuse, and slowing cost growth in Medicare. This will provide you with future cost savings on your premiums and coinsurance
  • The coordination of care between doctors and the overall quality of care will improve so that you will be less likely to experience preventable and harmful re-admissions to the hospital for the same condition.
  • Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act offers additional protections for Medicare Advantage Plan members by taking strong steps that limit the amount these plans spend on administrative costs, insurance company profits, and things other than health care.

Ok, first one we know both Medicare & Medicaid are in jeopardy, especially with the $500 billion in cuts to these programs. I live with a physician. He is thinking about dropping Medicare patients because the re-imbursement is too low. And he announced to me last night he may even consider dropping his hospital privileges and just seeing patients in the office because his malpractice premium is too high. Couple that with the number of people out of work in my state, Ohio, who do not have health insurance because of job loss, showing up at the ER and can’t pay either the doctor or the hospital it’s a mess. Several hospitals’ financials in my area show them to be in disastrous shape because of all the insured.

You guys can peruse the rest of the site to your heart’s content. This will make for some good entertainment. And BTW, tomorrow happens to be my regular day at the rifle range so I won’t need to buy any new targets.