OFA today launches I-pad/I-phone app

At the risk of being a pest and harping on the same subject, so be it. But I can’t get across enough to everyone what a peril the OFA has become. A couple of weeks ago I and Anita Moncrief got some major traction out of a series of posts we did on the subject. Mine was The OFA Peril-Ignore at our own risk. And Anita’s was OFA and the DNC: ACORN 2.0.

Many think this election will be a slam-dunk for Conservatives. OFA has begun to target the younger crowd and first time voters from 2008.

Today OFA rolled out an app for I-pad and I-phone. Below is a screen shot:

OFA ipad apps

Here is the link for this roll-out page. The goal is:

To help supporters stay connected and get involved—wherever they are—Organizing for America today is launching iPhone and iPad apps as part of our ambitious effort leading up to November. On the new app, you can call your members of Congress directly and make your voice heard on issues that matter to you, as well as find local events and connect with others in your area. [sic] And we’ve implemented a new platform, ‘AirMail,’ where users will have an action inbox where they’ll receive the most up-to-date ways they can take action with Organizing for America.

These features are a key part of our strategy to connect with voters, supporters, and volunteers around our Vote 2010 campaign, which focuses on turning out first-time 2008 voters in support of the President’s allies in House, Senate, and governor’s races this fall.

And as luck would have it, I received this e-mail today from Tim Kaine of the DNC:

Tim Kaine E-mail on I-phone App
And here is a screen shot of OFA’s new voter registration initiative that came out on June 5.

raise your vote

The fullwebsite can be seen here. By contrast, below is a screen shot from the RNC page:

RNC page

If you don’t believe me, which by looking at the above, could be quite possible, here is the link. As you can see at the bottom it says “paid for by the Republican National Committee.”

I have begged and pleaded with the RNC/GOP that they have to get their act together. I have sent any solicitations back scribbled in black marker the URL for my posts on OFA. I have talked to several GOPers who have access to Voter Vault, which is supposed to be the counterpart to the Dems VoteBuilder database system, and all have told me Voter Vault is a joke.

I have sent links via DM & on the public timeline on twitter to all GOPers following me with info and URLs to all OFA posts. No response. I keep getting e-mails from the GOP telling me that they “rock” on the social media networks. But let me be perfectly clear, that is no substitute for the OFA. We are ON OUR OWN!

To put it as bluntly as I can, the GOP/RNC has to get their asses heads out of the sand and deal with OFA. At the bottom of the OFA/i-pad app page it states this:

These apps take the Obama ’08 app and improve it—and there’s more still to come. Look out for exciting new features we’ll be rolling out as part of our ambitious effort leading up to Election Day.

I can’t wait.