Wish I had Beck's chalkboard..another Marxist/Leninist connection for Obama

Ok. This is one of those convoluted ones a la Glenn Beck but of course Obama wants it that way so you can’t understand or keep up with all the players. It’s like juggling a bunch of balls in the air and hoping none of them fall. But I’m going to lay it all out for you.

Here is the line-up of strange bedfellows:

Robert McChesney


Hillary Rodham Clinton


Rafael Correa, president of Ecuador




AZ Immigration Law

The background info is Obama Orchestrates the Perfect Storm for Elimination of the 1st Amendment.

This was published last week and I’ve found more info since. Below is a summary.

I discuss one Rafael Correa Delgado, the president of Ecuador and the award he received from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for “exceptional achievement.” Correa is a Chavez-wannabe, whom he adores. When Chavez made his famous statement about GWB being Satan, Correa stated “it was unfair to the devil.” Correa locks up all the journalists who disagree with him, or worse; censors information and television and news in Ecuador, and nationalizes TV stations. Get the picture?

Robert McChesney, an avowed Marxist, runs FreePress.net and wants to obliterate the first amendment. Although looking innocent, FreePress is anything but. Many of McChesney’s tenets on Net Neutrality have made it into the FTC document which could be the prototype for dumping said 1st amendment. Some have left McChesney’s little Marxist think-tank to go on to bigger and better things, i.e. working for Obama. Turns out McChesney is a prof at U of IL at Urbana-Champaign. No wonder Correa got the award.

What prompted the writing of this second post was seeing Hillary Clinton announcing the Feds were going to sue Arizona over it’s immigration law. From all places, Ecuador! Yep. My ears perked up. This is a bizarro moment. Ecuador. So I decided to do some further research.

Correa spent four years in the US getting a PhD in economics. From you guessed it. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He goes back to Ecuador, gets elected president and had the laws changed so he could pretty much be president until 2017. In 2009 he joined Ecuador with Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in ALBA. The Bolivarian Alliance for the People’s of our America. Although wiki says the page needs more work, the basic info and platform of ALBA is correct. ALBA is:

associated with socialist and social democratic governments and is an attempt at regional economic integration based on a vision of social welfare, bartering and mutual economic aid, rather than trade liberalization as with free trade agreements.

McChesney should be proud. But then I found this little bomb.

On March 1, 2008 the Colombian army, inside Ecuador, kills Raul Reyes the spokesman for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia or FARC. FARC is a Marxist/Leninist revolutionary guerilla organization based in Colombia. Correa has been accused of taking campaign money from them but of course denies it.

And guess whose name turns up in the computer the Colombian army seized from Reyes. None other than our Thief-in-Chief, Liar-in-the-Oval-Office.

The March 1 death strike by the Colombian army against FARC warlord Raul Reyes broke open a trove of contacts in his computer. So why did the name of Barack Obama [emphasis mine] turn up there? [sic] But the little Obama reference within the 15 FARC letters released by the Colombian government signals a disturbing pattern of contacts with rogue actors. It’s not the first time, and Obama has yet to distance himself. [sic]

These aren’t idle “gotcha” questions, by the way. Based on his campaign so far, Obama favors meeting and negotiating with rogue leaders without preconditions, passing secret messages to foreign countries at odds with his public positions and tolerating Che-flag wielding leftists among his supporters who advance a radical agenda in his name.

Now that FARC seems to have an inside line to Obama’s campaign, maybe he ought to come tell voters what he really stands for.

By the way. I checked all the links in the IBD editorial reference and the MediaMatters article and not surprisingly they’ve all been scrubbed. Rahm, you did well on this one. Even though the links aren’t active I am extremely suspicious based on the contacts, friends, and associates of our Godfather-in-Chief that the above is true and Obama had or has some contact and/or association with FARC. Somehow, if the two did have a confab I doubt they were comparing notes on pizza joints.

Now all of a sudden we have Hillary Clinton in the mix. She shows up in Ecuador a couple days ago and meets with Correa. Here is her speech. A couple things caught my eye:

Today, I want to speak about the fourth pillar of our vision, and that is, as Simon Bolivar said, the fundamental basis of our political system hinges directly and exclusively upon the establishment and practice of equality. [sic] the independence may be 200 years old, but deep social and economic inequality is still too pervasive. [emphasis mine]

President Obama and I share a strategic vision for our engagement in the hemisphere. We are working to build a network of partnerships for expanding opportunity and increasing social mobility.[emphasis mine]

But in many places, including often in my own country, the simple fact is that the wealthy do not pay their fair share. [emphasis mine]

We simply cannot support policies that reduce poverty and spread prosperity if the wealthiest among us are not doing our part. [emphasis mine]

Yep. That’s our Obambi. Redistribute the wealth. Not only in this country but others as well.

Clinton, McChesney and Correa are three peas in a pod. Clinton is also a proponent of Net Neutrality, really known as “let’s kill the 1st amendment,” as seen on this FreePress blog. She also says it on a video. Notice at the very end it credits FreePress.net, McChesney’s baby:

So this post is actually pointing out two things to the readers but with interconnecting entities.

1. More on the proposed take-down of the 1st Amendment and Clinton yapping to other countries about “redistributing the wealth” a la Obama in the States and

2. Along the way finding a possible link of Obama to radical Marxist guerilla organization FARC.

All the above make perfect sense to me when it’s all laid out like this. Like Glenn Beck getting out his chalkboard and drawing all the arrows to all the corrupt ones and how they interweave. But I have to admit the AZ immigration announcement thing has me stymied. Why is she saying it, and why in Ecuador of all places. But here it is:

Any comments or thoughts on this would be welcome. I’m drawing no conclusion regarding the AZ announcement at this time. The location may mean nothing, however at the least it prompted me to do some more research and come up with “connecting some dots.” And for your final viewing pleasure, I give you this:

Correa and Ahmad-I'm-a-nut-job
Correa and Ahmad-I'm-a-nut-job

I didn’t know Ahmadi was so short.

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