The "Finger-pointing president"

No, never in this 2 minute vid did the Liar-in-Chief say “I’m blaming it on Bush” but he basically says none of the crapola this country is facing is his fault.

I just love Eric Cantor. He’s usually serious and I consider him to be a great counter-active force in the House but I’ve never seen this side of him and now he’s compiled this great vid:

Yeah, Obummer. You started off sounding like a “post-partisan candidate who inspired millions” but it lasted a 3 whole days. Even though the GOP offered a plan to create twice as many jobs at half the cost you turned us down.

Yep, he won. Is what the Failure-in-Chief said on January 23, 2009. Then he claims the recession (of course flanked by the adoring, tearfully-eyed Pelosi and and 2nd Buffoon-in-Chief Biden) put a $3 trillion hole in his budget. And of course, it’s all before he became Liar-in-Chief.

Yep, the auto interventions weren’t started by me. They were started by a Conservative president who drove the industry into the ditch.

BTW, Obummer says he ain’t giving the keys back.

Oh! Oh! Oh! But wait! There’s more! He’s taking responsibility for solving the Gulf spill crisis. Yep, I am the president and am ultimately responsible.

Responsible for the loss of billions of dollars in revenue and 1,000’s of lost jobs with your deep-water drill moratorium.

Yep. What’s lacking in leadership is made up in blame.

Background music by Lynyrd Skynyrd as a nice touch.