Dems launch "counter-measures" on Obamacare falsehoods

Sung to the tune of Blowin’ in the Wind:

“Just how many lies did our health bill contain,

Before it was passed into law.

And how many times can Pelosi tear up,

Before we will come to a fall.

And how many ways can we spin this big mess,

Before tea-baggers come for us all.

The answer my friend. Too numerous to count.

The answer too numerous to count.”

Zero and his minions on Capitol Hill are in counter-measure mode. A la The Hunt for Red October. You can only spin, lie, cheat and try and protect yourselves so many times before the torpedo finds its target.

Obama has launched his spin after his submarine is already in the water. Now with the help of Tom Daschle and Victoria Kennedy. Because seniors and a ton of the rest of the country are on to his initial torpedo launch, he is bringing out a $125 million campaign to defend Obamacare.

The Health Information Center is being started by Andrew Grossman, a veteran Democratic operative who founded Wal-Mart Watch, a labor-backed group to challenge the world’s largest retailer on employee relations and other fronts.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) rips the Dems and their latest sales pitch:

“Out-of-touch Washington Democrats’ problem isn’t the sales pitch for ObamaCare – the problem is ObamaCare itself. No glitzy PR campaign can hide the new health care law’s higher costs, higher taxes, Medicare cuts, and payoffs to Washington special interests. The fact that President Obama is promoting Medicare rebate checks that more than nine out of 10 Medicare beneficiaries will never receive is an indication of just how desperate the White House has become.”

Rep. Dave Camp’s Ways and Means Committee has introduced legislation to repeal Obamacare. Here is a summary of the Reform Americans can Afford Act # 5424.

Vote John Dennis for Pelosi’s seat. CA#8

FYI if you can stomach it, here is a list of all the lies.