Updated 5/30/10 Sebelius uses Medicare brochure to mislead seniors & give wrong info

Update 5/29/10

Several days ago I did a diary about Sebelius’ propagandized Medicare Brochure and the letter the GOP Senate sent her demanding answers.

I was visiting my parents today and asked my mother if she and dad had received the propaganda brochure. Lo and behold they had. So I brought it home and scanned it for your viewing pleasure. It’s a full color, glossy-papered piece of propaganda crap art. For full impact it’s scanned as a high-quality pdf.

If Kenny Solomon is reading this, I felt the same way as you did when you saw it. Wish I had had my Bushmaster with me. As you say, the only thing this is good for is target practice. Below is the propaganda brochure.

Sebelius Medicare Brochure

Original post begins below.

Gotta give her credit. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has no shame. First she is clueless about how much H/C high risk pools will cost. This video bears repeating. It’s one where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry:

Now the Senate GOP is after her again. They wrote Sebelius a letter stating her new Medicare brochure to seniors is “misleading.” Highlights of the letter state to her:

  • The first paragraph claims the H/C bill will increase quality of care to seniors, while we know that many providers will end their participation in Medicare.
  • The second paragraph claims the new H/C bill will keep Medicare “strong and solvent.” However, the chief actuary states this may be “unrealistic.”
  • The brochure states “your guaranteed benefits won’t change” while the chief actuary states cuts to Medicare Advantage will include “less generous benefit packages.”

They call the brochure:

“at best inappropriate and a wasteful use of taxpayer dollars and at worst a gross misuse of taxpayer funds to provide biased information for political purposes.”

They ask that she provide info as to who initiated the brochure, if she proofed it, if White House staff were involved (no brainer there), who the contractor was who designed and printed the brochure, details of how the brochure is being distributed, who paid for the brochure and how much.

Propaganda from the Liar-in-Chief . They are asking for a response no later than June 11, 2010. The signers are:

Mitch McConnell, John Barrasso, Jon Kyl, Lamar Alexander, Charles Grassley, Mike Enzi, John Thune, and Tom Coburn.

What could be lousier than this. Taking advantage of our seniors for political gain.