Texas Rep grills Holder over his failure to read AZ immigration law

I love it when I see a Congressman grill Holder. He’s just one of those guys I have in my sights. Holder has had the 2nd Amendment in his sights ever since he became one of Obama’s minions and now he’s after the AZ law.

But it seems we have another “incompetent.” Holder hasn’t even read the bill. And it’s only 10 pages. Rep. Ted Poe of (R-TX) had a real slam-dunk with Holder. Calling him out for not reading the bill. It’s quite entertaining:

I just love to see Obama’s minions squirm. The AZ law is supported by 70% of the citizens there and 60% in the rest of the country. Poe tells Holder the Administration should be enforcing border laws and not challenging them. AMEN!

But at least Holder admits he has “glanced” at the law. Poe even offers to give Holder his copy, so he can have one. LOL! Poe quotes the law:

No officer may consider race, color or national origin in implementing any of the requirements of the sub-section of this law. It seems to OUTLAW racial profiling.

So much for all of us who support the law being called “racist.” Of course Holder sounds just like “Gibbs the Fibbs” and tries to spin everything. Says he’s got DOJ & DHS involved in “reviewing” the law. But I don’t think this is one Congressman who can get the wool pulled over his eyes.

But apparently I may need to send some bottled water to my twitter friends in California. Since LA has now joined the long lists of cities, entities, mayors etc. boycotting Arizona. And Arizona, who just happens to supply LA’s water, is threatening retaliation by cutting off their water supply.

Long Live Arizona!