Ohio Dems Get Hot and Bothered over Senate Primary

We have a rather nasty kind of Dem primary campaign going on in Ohio. The leading contenders are current ACORN/Soros Queen Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

Many of you have probably heard of Jennifer Brunner. She headlined in Election 2008 nationwide with her ACORN antics and went all the way to SCOTUS to get her way with the Ohio election. It is my opinion her actions led to Ohio giving the vote to Obama. Now this woman wants to be a US Senator. HA! I’ve signed up for Jen’s e-mails. She jokes that her dog is her campaign manager, although the way it’s been going this could possibly be the case. She also has cupcake parties with women trying to garner their vote. She has tooled around Ohio the last couple of weeks in a beat-up school bus campaigning.

And the day before she took off she canned a ballot initiative for a Health Care opt-out amendment on the Ohio November ballot. This went to the Ohio Supreme Court a few days ago and Brunner’s ruling was overturned.

Jen has voiced her opposition throughout the campaign for an Ohio DNC endorsement of either candidate. She got her wish. Neither candidate received a Dem endorsement. Now she has announced if she loses the primary, which looks likely, she will not campaign for Mr. Fisher:

Asked by a Dayton Daily News reporter last week how much she would work for Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher if he wins and she loses, Brunner held up her hand and formed a zero.

Nice. The rancor between the two is quite palpable. Apparently Jen is having a hissy-fit that the Dems are trying to shut her out. Probably angered that her ACORN connection has dried up. At least for the moment.

Fisher is a rather non-descript man. Ordinary and quiet. I have to be frank, I know little of him. Can’t find any dirt. I’ve tried, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any. According to Quinnipac it looks like Fisher will beat Jen out. Maybe by double digits. Couldn’t happen to a nicer woman. Then what will you do Jen? Spend some time sitting under oak trees picking up ACORNs? That’s what you get for hiring your dog as a campaign manager.

The Ohio primary is Tuesday May 4. The sole GOP candidate for the senate race is Rob Portman.