Navy SEAL Scott Taylor Deserves our Support for US House VA #2

I had the pleasure of interviewing Scott Taylor via telephone, candidate for US House VA #2.

Scott Taylor is a former Navy Seal and Iraq War veteran. Because of his extensive military background, Scott has the  knowledge and understanding of the needs of our military Men and Women; whether it be in equipment, Federal funding, and/or physical and psychological support.

Scott is probably best known as our most ardent champion in the support of the three Navy Seals facing court martial proceedings for allegedly mistreating one of the terrorists involved in the murder of the Blackwater USA security guards. Here is Scott on FoxNews speaking out on the issue.

Scott’s most memorable quote from the interview:

We are using tax dollars to prosecute our heroes, while at the same time using tax dollars to send terrorists to our soil and giving them the rights of you and I. [sic] Politics have no place on the battlefield.

On his website Scott has set up a Support the Seals fund where all of us can show our support of these three brave men.

I questioned Scott extensively on matters pertaining to legislative issues and on the Constitution. He can bring to the table in DC extensive insight to issues that can put our country back on its correct path.

Scott is now a small business owner and understands the challenges facing these businesses today. He believes they need support, rather than being taxed into oblivion.

Scott supports:

* Not raising taxes

* Simplifying the existing tax code

* Abolishing the death tax

* Not raising the capital gains tax

* Stopping tax hikes on businesses operating internationally

* Strongly opposing cap-and-trade

Scott also believes:

I believe that marriage is sacred and should be recognized only between a man and a woman. I also believe life should be protected from beginning to end.

I asked him to clarify the above, and he stated he is 100% pro-life.

Based on the above, I believe Scott Taylor is our best choice for VA#2. You can find more details about how Scott feels on other issues by visiting hiswebsite.

You can follow Scott on twitter: @votescotttaylorand on FaceBook: Scott Taylor for Congress.

FYI the Virginia primary is June 8. The incumbent is Glenn Nye who is running for re-election. Rep. Nye received a dismal 32 rating from The American Conservative Union.