A Pyrrhic Victory for Obama

Over half the citizens of America are worn out from the rallies, the Tea Parties, the Town Hall meetings, the endless Obama-mercials from the Liar in Chief.

So just like after any battle that is lost, one must take a short rest, re-group and re-strategize.

The Narcissist in Chief thinks he has won. But it will be a short, pyrrhic victory. One which will have a devastating cost to the Victor but the realization is not there.

But that “reality check” will come on November, 2, 2010. We have our eyes on the 219 who voted for Zero-care in the House. We have our eyes especially on the seats of Pelosi, Frank, Reid, Boxer, Stupak, Lincoln and in my district Kaptur. I can’t wait to see the look on all their faces when the polls come in to say:

Guess what, you guys! You’re done! Gone! Finito! Acabo! Sayonara! Arrivederci!

This will be the cost of “failure to listen to your bosses.” After all, it is us who signs your paycheck. And we are not pleased. Your arrogance and hubris have astounded us. You fought us, we lost. Now you are still crying, because we are angry that you have not represented our wishes.

But have no fear. WE THE PEOPLE will speak loud and clear in November. And your “victory” will be extremely short-lived.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.