Meet Patrick Murray (Virginia #8)

While in the Blogger’s Lounge at CPAC I had the opportunity to interview Patrick Murray, running for US House Virginia #8.

Patrick Murray is a retired army colonel of 24 years running against incumbent Jim Moran who has been in this current seat since 1991.  I asked Col. Murray why a military man was running for Congress, and he responded although America is a strong and prosperous country, he does not like the trends which are happening at this time. Col. Murray is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and tells me he has received the endorsement of John Bolton. Col. Murray is against the government takeover of Health Insurance. He feels better options should include buying over state lines, tort reform, and outcome-based medicine.  He is in favor of a strong defense for our nation and supports the troop surge in Afghanistan.

Because one attendee at this conference was a paraplegic young Vet from the Iraq War, I also questioned Col. Murray what if any changes he hoped to make to our VA system in this country. He stated that the VA needs to be more responsive to our Vets and those that have sustained injuries and he would work to strengthen medical services to our Vets.

The one issue I found missing on his website was his stance on abortion. When questioned on this, he responded he is pro-choice; but is against federal funding for abortion, partial-birth abortion and is in favor of parental notification for under-age women. I asked him if he felt this stance was a necessity because this district is a liberal one, and he stated this is his personal opinion and believes that women should have the right to control what happens to their bodies. While I personally applaud Col. Murray for having the courage of his convictions, this could be a real deal-breaker for many Conservatives.

You can follow Col. Murray on Twitter @pmurray2010