Meet Marty Lamb (MA #3)

While in the Bloggers Lounge at CPAC I had the opportunity to interview Marty Lamb, running for MA #3.

Marty Lamb is a residential real estate attorney running against incumbent Jim McGovern. McGovern has been in the current seat since 1997. The core belief of Lamb’s campaign is:

Your government’s primary role is to preserve, protect and defend your God-given gift of freedom, not to micromanage your life.

Mr. Lamb stated to me that he is a Constitutionalist, is pro 2nd Amendment, and pro 10th Amendment. He will work to lower taxes, is against Cap & Trade and is a strong believer of interstate commerce.

Mr. Lamb is also pro-life and does not believe in abortion except in the event of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger. He is also an advocate of parental notice for underage women.

You can follow Mr. Lamb on twitter @congressmanlamb