Best Rant at CPAC--By a British Exchange Student

I am thoroughly enjoying myself at CPAC 2010. As well as being informative, invigorating, and exhilarating, a group of 10,000 people including a lot of students makes a great mix of personalities. There are people here not only from the US but many from Canada, Ireland, England and several other countries as well.

Speakers have been revved up. Especially Boehner, Rubio, and Herman Cain. The crowd in the Marriott Ballroom was on their feet many times during these speeches.

But the best rant of all occurred unexpectedly last evening. About 11pm.  A few of us were standing outside enjoying the night air when a group of college kids returned from a party. One was a British exchange student  who coincidentally attends the University of Toledo in my town.   I was then treated along with everyone else to a diatribe on Obama and his policies you wouldn’t believe.  The f-bomb was his word of choice. Granted, he had had too many beers; about a case according to his friend who was with him. But our little band of “attendees” all thoroughly enthralled by this unexpected “treat”; clapped and agreed this was worth the cost of admission to CPAC. This young kid, drunk as he was, understands completely what this country is up against with Obama in the Oval Office and the effect it is having on his country as well.

Thanks Dave. Great job!