Dems to get "down and dirty" in Ohio Election?

We’ve all heard the saying, “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” Ohio delivered the presidency to GWB in both 2000 and 2004. And many have said that because Ohio went “blue” in 2008, this ensured a victory for Obama.

I am sure that all you readers witnessed the shenanigans in Ohio in the fall of 2008. Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner was helped into office by ACORN  with the “Secretary of State” project, which is a concerted effort to elect Secretaries of State which are “sympathetic” to the Democrats. They weren’t gonna let another Katherine Harris derail their “plans.”  Brunner used all her muscle with the likes of ACORN, ProjectVote and all the cabal that goes along with them to ensure Ohio went for Obama.

Now Ms. Brunner is running for US Senate. How nice. Just what Ohio and DC needs: the #1 ACORN Lady, as I affectionately call her, bringing all her cabal to DC.  Also running for Ohio Senate is GOP Rob Portman, Akron businessman Tom Ganley,  and Dem Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

Portman will easily win the primary in May. I had predicted that Fisher would win the Dem primary, but unfortunately Ms. Brunner is picking up steam. Portman has a little over $6M in finances. Brunner about $677K. But we all know that money ain’t everything when corruptness, voter fraud and bribery is in the mix. Even if Brunner wins or loses the primary, wins or loses the Senate election; she will still be in control of the election itself. This thought has been extremely horrifying to me because I watched in fascination the trainwreck that Ohio was during Election 2008.

And ever since I have predicted that it would happen again in 2010. And it looks like I am correct.

I received an urgent message today from Rep. Portman. The Dems are going to be “bringing in all the troops” and building a firewall in Ohio to again attempt an assurrance that Ohio stays Dem and will once again assist in the re-election of Mr. Obama in 2012.

Said ODP [Ohio Democratic Party] executive director Doug Kelly, “By keeping Ohio Democratic in 2010, Ohio will be the firewall for Pres. Obama‘s re-election in 2012.”

Great! We can look forward, I am sure, to SEIU, MoveOn.org, ACORN, OFA’s “rapid response teams” et al to descend on this battleground state again. And Ohio will be front and center once more on every news station in the country.

To keep its momentum rolling, the ODP has been deploying staffers all across the state for a road show known as the “Knockout” program. [sic] The ODP plans to hold these “Knockout” events in all 88 counties, and in doing so, they’re lengthening their volunteer list. What’s more, ODP field staffers say they’re supplying those volunteers with access to some of their best data to make them most effective now.

Brunner can still lose the primary to Fisher. But my personal feeling is the Dems are drooling at the prospect of having her as a US Senator. She would certainly fit in quite nicely with all the other of her ilk in DC.

Rep. Portman is asking all of us to donate $20 to his campaign. I think we can all afford to “give up a pizza” and make sure the rest of the country doesn’t say:

“Ohioans put another Dem into the Senate. What were you guys thinking?”