Sorry, Moe; but I have to rebut your OFA assessment

It’s “not dead yet…”

http://www.redstate.com/moe_lane/2009/12/18/correcting-the-record-on-organizing-for-america/ to quote Monty Python.

Organizing for America is a hollow shell. It’s been a hollow shell from pretty much the moment that it stopped being a ‘sexy*’ campaign tool that didn’t actually require its members to do anything except hand over money and votes.

Not an empty shell, either.

OFA. Organizing for America. An arm of the DNC that operates under the auspices of our so-called “Thief in Chief.” I have been frustrated with all the crapola going down in DC, and couldn’t figure out why Conservatives are losing all the time. But I have hit on the answer. We are not organized. We have not learned community organizing from the finest Community Organizer in Chief.

O’s got his own little website. Ain’t that special. He rounds up a posse, reins them in; and does intensive training to teach them to succumb to “his modus operandi.”

So you guys are probably wondering how I know all this. I love to sign up for e-mail alerts that the left is spewing. I get them from tons of lib groups and their sources. I even signed up for one from O. He loves to give alerts. He loves to get you involved. He loves to send out sob stories about people with no insurance. And he loves to get people actively involved in his cabal of canvassers, volunteers and activists.

So one day I get this e-mail that he is holding a “seminar” on how to get involved in OFA and advance his agenda. Hmmm. About 3 miles from me. So I got the idea, why not attend. Why not see how they go about frustrating and beating us down at every turn. So I went. Undercover. As a lib. I sat with all the union workers. The college kids enamored with O. “He is so wonderful. He is bringing about the change we really need.”

The first part of the meeting was “meet and greet.” Now O is smart. Plied us with pizza and other food, but unfortunately no beer. We held hands. We introduced ourselves. We divided up into small groups and chatted amongst ourselves. All of you may think this is corny, but is works.  By the end of the evening we were a “family.” All focused on one thing: defeating the Conservatives in every manner that we could. Down and not really dirty but no holds barred and very creative.

I was pretty stunned when the seminar leader first announced:

We apologize that President Obama’s agenda hasn’t advanced fast enough for all of you. It will soon pick up more quickly. He has promised he will have a healthcare bill signed into law by Christmas, or State of the Union at the latest.

Not advancing fast enough. Whoa, Nellie. I about tossed my cookies. But I am an excellent undercover agent, and just nodded my head in agreement. We were given tons of papers. A “cheat sheet” of what to say to people we were going to contact,  and answers to prospective questions. Any contacts would be logged. Time, date, who they were and contact info. What their position was. Would they get others involved. Would they call Congress members. Extremely detailed and organized.

We saw a video. We made friends. We practiced with each other the “speech” we would give to prospects on the phone, friends, family members, and members of our neighborhood and community. We were taught to “get over” our fear of contact.

I fully expected to go home, get a phone call from them in a few days, tell them I had changed my mind and that I wasn’t interested anymore.

But then lo and behold another opportunity arose. I was asked to be part of an on-line training session. How to “build the base.” How to log info. How to enter info into the DNC/OFA websites. I vacillated. This would be going deeper into the fox’s lair. But in the end, curious and “needing to know'” why Conservatives were losing all the time, I decided to go ahead.

This was a web-based training session. No interaction on the attendees part. The webinar instructor was moving quickly through the OFA/DNC databases.  And all the while the seminar teacher was talking, I was getting screen shots of a ton of stuff. And it is frightening. Special emphasis to MOE. This is an organization that cannot be taken lightly. They are highly organized and detail-oriented. Every call, every contact, every attempted contact is logged in by the volunteer.

OFA puts up phone banks. On the streets. The college kids love to do this. Obama concentrates on universities and college towns. The kids set up tables on the street. They have the rep’s & senator’s numbers on speed dial. They hand the phone to the person and ask them to read a scripted spiel to the rep or Senator. They knock on doors. They hand a cell phone to the person answering the door. “The call is free. All you have to do is read these few sentences to your Congressman.” And of course this is logged.

Metrics are used. They have voting info and results of every precinct in the country. They don’t waste time in precincts that have consistently gone red. There is concentration in the inner city, where people don’t have access to Congressional information. That is where the cell phone comes in handy.

And more. I saw how they tossed Lincoln. And I am sure they used the same method on Nelson. OFA has “rapid response teams.” All the troops are called in during an “emergency.” That is why their databases are so important. They tossed Lincoln by calling everyone in their database from Arkansas. Those people are asked to call their senators or go to their local offices. This is a formidable group. I have no doubt they did the same with Nelson in OK. Over 7,000 calls and contacts were made to Lincoln in a couple of days. 114% over what they expected.

People were skeptical when the group claimed they made over 300,000 calls for Healthcare in one day on Oct. 20. I too was skeptical at first, but after seeing how they operate I have no doubt this is true. And wait til you hear this. They have databases full of people who are underinsured, or have no insurance. If they want a sob story they call them and ask them to give a testimonial.

When visiting the OFA website after my experiences, the site kept bugging me to “create an account” so I did because I wanted to see what happened. After this was done, I was stunned to see what came up. A detailed list of all “events” I had attended, number of calls I had made or not made, doors knocked on etc. A very well-oiled and detailed machine.

No, we certainly cannot lightly dismiss this group. I saw their work first hand. They get 5 stars from me. And the Conservatives better start working toward getting 5 stars, or we are gonna be doomed.

Incidentally, to anyone doubting the veracity of what I say, Erick Brockway has seen the screen shots and can vouch for my credibility. The sole purpose of this post is to provide conservatives an idea of how formidable an opponent the OFA is. Under no circumstances will the screen shots be made public.