Jennifer Brunner-A Study in Corruption?

Healthcare. Cap and trade. Climategate. Afghanistan. All extremely important isssues. But here is one I believe we cannot afford to let get under the radar. One that can ultimately affect us all.

Being a Buckeye, I was proud that Ohio “delivered” the presidency to GWB in both 2000 and 2004. So what could possibly go wrong in 2008? Surely Ohio would again see the light, and “deliver” the presidency to McCain. But there was one thing I didn’t count on. And that one thing was Ohio SoS Jennifer Brunner. Now Jenny, don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming the whole “Ohio went blue” debacle on you, but IMO you had a pretty large hand in it. But being a fair woman, I’m going to present evidence and let the Red State readers decide.

With the announcement by Ohio senator George Voinovich that he will be “retiring” (don’t believe it), watch for things to heat up once again in Ohio during Election 2010.

Ohio SoS Jennifer Brunner has thrown her hat into the ring, and has announced she will be seeking Voinovich’s seat. Now, who can forget the antics and shenanigans of Ms. Brunner during Election 2008: the “No. 1 ACORN Lady” as I affectionately call her. And I have to admit, she holds a special place in my heart since I was one of the two people in Ohio to sue Ms. Brunner on the issue of Mr. Obama’s eligibility to be president.

But any how, since I found out she now wants to be a US senator, I have been feeling quite a bit of angst. So I’m going to tell you guys why I feel as I do.

First of all, I checked out her SoS campaign donor sheet. Nothing really untoward here.


But remember all this stuff?

All the allegations of voter fraud in Ohio.


Who can forget Brunhilde going all the way to SCOTUS to get her way with the ballots.


Who can forget after Ohio’s election troubles being plastered all over the news, JB finally agreed to appear on “Greta” for an interview, and then whined afterwards the interview was “unfair.”


Who can forget the videos, one in particular, of a man claiming ACORN registered him 72 times to vote in exchange for cigarettes.

Unfortunately, that great video has been taken down, but here is an article from the NY post:


And how many of you out there know that Ms. Brunner used Karyn Gillette, of Project Vote, an arm of ACORN to be a “consultant” for her SoS campaign?


And it also appears we have another Tim Geithner on our hands. JB has consistently been late on real estate taxes. Not only on the building she owns along with her husband, which contains his law firm:


But she also paid back real estate taxes of $3K on a condo purchased for her son, which she claimed to know nothing about:


Right, JB. The kid just happens to work for the Franklin County Clerk of Courts, the county of Columbus; where your office is and where you arrange all your shenanigans.

If all this stuff doesn’t kind of freak you out, I don’t know what would.

God help us all if whe is elected. Here’s one person who will be writing a check to her Republican opponent, Rob Portman.