PalinMania-Fear and Loathing in Lib Land

When Palin announced several months ago she was writing a book, I saw this tweet on twitter and saved it in case it might be of value at a later date.

DOD experimenting with an audio version of Palin reading her book as a replacement for water boarding. #torture

And that’s one of the nicer ones. One either “loves to hate her” or “loves to love her.” There just ain’t much middle ground when it comes to Sarah. But this tweet prompted me to do a little research, and the results were surprising. I googled the words “Sarah Palin” and here are the results:

Nov. 17, one day before her book came out: 5,780,000

Nov. 19, one day after her book came out:    7,570,000

To put this in perspective, I also googled several other “strong political oriented women” and here are the results:

7,080,000  Hillary Clinton

1,360,000  Nancy Pelosi (a day in infamy)

1,580,000  Babs Boxer (eat your heart out, Brockway)

999,000  Michele Bachmann (#2 on the Lib hit list)

463,000  Dianne Feinstein

726,000  Indira Gandhi

520,000  Benazir Bhutto

974,000  Golda Meir

650,000  Margaret Thatcher

And to be fair, I also googled some other women, not in the political arena to see how they compared:


349,000  Marion Sandler (greedy)

3,510,000  Carly Fiorini, but now in the political arena


6,500,000  Marilyn Monroe

21,900,000  Elizabeth Taylor

149,000  Janeane Garofalo (another day in infamy)

4,440,000  Jennifer Aniston

11,400,000  Angelina Jolie

No Category, except maybe notoriety?

20,100,000  Paris Hilton

But then I saw this tweet, and I realized I left an important one out of the mix:

I wish Carrie Prejean would run for governor of Alaska and Sarah Palin would make a sex tape. #freakyfriday#GOPvalues

And the google hits shocker is:

12,000,000 Carrie Prejean

This result shot the heck out of my research and where I intended to go with this diary. More hits than Palin, HRC or any of the other political women. Only Elizabeth Taylor and Paris Hilton had higher hits on google. So here we are all yapping about Sarah Palin and Carrie is getting most of the “attention.” So what does this tell us? I’m not sure. But it was fun.

Gonna leave you guys with one last tweet, this one again in reference to Palin’s book:

@LadyImpactOhio Palin should be the first one to read it. I would love to hear her do an interview about it, and explain her “process.”

BTW: Could not find any other person with more google hits than George Washington, 60,000,00

If anyone can find anyone higher, I would be interested in knowing. But I did find this:

16,900,000  Barack Obama

So with less than a year in office, a good chance he’s gonna way surpass our beloved George Washington.