RNC#fail My Convo w/them on Employee Abortion Issue

Over the last 10 years or so, I have given some bucks to the RNC. Not enough to cause me any financial harm, but still enough to take a pretty nice vacation. When I became aware, despite their platform being “anti-abortion” they were offering coverage for their employees since 1991 for abortion, I was pretty mad. I’ve read several articles regarding this issue, but decided to get a response directly from the horse’s mouth. So I had a nice little convo this morning with “Jason” at the RNC, who BTW was extremely nice and polite, and probably deserves some combat pay for all of this. This is how it went. My opening salvo was:

I am upset and chagrined over this issue, and I want my money back. I feel it was given under false pretenses and deserve a refund.

Well, I have to say I was not aware that the RNC has collaborated with Gibbs, but apparently they have been taking lessons from him and coached “Jason” on how to spin this. Jason told me, and am paraphrasing because I didn’t want to get in trouble with ACORN, i.e. accused of breaking the law by recording a convo:

This was an honest mistake, and Mr. Steele is aware of it and has corrected the situation. Abortion is no longer covered under employee healthcare.

I’ve been hearing this line all over the place lately, and will repeat it here:

Someone needs to be fired over this.

When I asked Jason if the RNC had been paying an extra premium for the abortion coverage, even though he stated no one had ever used it, I was told:

That would be private information, and besides, I haven’t worked here for very long and don’t know that much about it.

Why is it whenever an organization or group becomes embroiled in a controversy, they always put someone on the front line who claims they are  “new and don’t know much about it”?

I replied:

I would be even more upset if I found out my donations were being used to help fund an extra rider to cover these abortions on your policy, and hope that someone is investigating. If it comes to light the RNC had been paying an extra premium, you should insist that Cigna return that extra premium. BTW, how did this situation come to light, and is it the RNC’s or Cigna’s “fault” this was overlooked?

Jason says: I don’t know whose fault it is, but can assure you the situation has been corrected.

LadyImpact says: When can I expect my refund, and how do I go about getting it?

Jason says: I would have to transfer you to our Donations and Members section, and you can speak with them.

As predicted, no one answered in the Donations and Members section, but I left a message asking for a return call. BTW, in the message, I let them know I would be doing a post on RedState regarding my experience.  Tee Hee.

Not expecting a return call, but will keep you posted if anything transpires.

FYI: RNC’s phone # is 202-863-8500. Choose option “1” to speak with Jason. Choose option “5” for Donations and Members Section.