"A Thief in the Night"

Cancer. A six letter word that strikes fear in the minds of every person on the face of the earth. Cancer. An insidious and unsuspecting disease, that slowly and many times silently worms its way through our system. It comes like “a thief in the night.” It robs us. It strikes every cell, every part. We have a little ache, a little pain, a bad feeling. We shrug it off, saying to ourselves tomorrow, it will be gone. Tomorrow I’ll feel better. But then, suddenly and without warning, this disease called “cancer” rears its ugly head. It is malignant, and we find ourselves in a fight for our very life and being.

But the “cancer” I speak of today is not cancer of the human body. It is cancer of the American mind and spirit and way of life we used to know. And the cause of this cancer is Big Government. My friends, this cancer of Big Government is not an “enemy at the gate.” It is already way past the gate, has crossed our front lawns, and is inside our homes and businesses. It has insidiously chipped away at our freedoms and liberties. It’s tentacles have invaded every manner of our life. Hoping we wouldn’t notice. Until it was too late. We are now in a life-and-death battle for the America we once knew.

This “cancer” of Big Government is not a cold, or a stomach-ache that will go away on its own. It will take some major doses of guts, along with a “transfusion” of Washington. We need to get rid of the “toxins,” so our minds, spirits, and economy can heal, renew, and take back control of our lives and liberties.

This “cancer” has suppressed our incentive for growth and opportunity. It has chipped away at our capitalism, the ideal this country was founded on. It has knocked down the fruition of dreams and success, the very reason immigrants flocked here 100 years ago. The immigrants who built this country were hard workers. Thus far they have been rewarded with varying degrees of wealth and success. But to now be “punished” with increased taxes, the revocation of bonuses for a “job well done” seems to me an alien and unbelievable concept. Yes, there have been some “bad actors”, but after all; this country needs visionaries to keep it on the great path it’s been on for the last 233 years. Right now, there is no incentive for companies or individuals to keep those visionaries or “good performers.”

“We the People, tell government what to do. It doesn’t tell us,” said Ronald Reagan in his farewell speech.

The Patriots who founded this great land and wrote our Constitution were the smartest people on the face of this earth. They were considered revolutionists, just like us. They were considered right-wing extremists. Just like us. And maybe, they were considered teabaggers, just like us. Now after 200 years this Big Government has trashed, trounced and trampled the Constitution they so wisely penned. I am sure even from the grave they know what is happening in this great land called America, and are rolling over in them. But just like those first Patriots, us revolutionist, us extremists, us teabaggers, will not be silence, and we will not be ignored.

This Big Government has failed to “listen to their bosses.” It has continued on its harried & uncontrolled path, determined to crush and demoralize our hearts and spirits.

I’ve read the Constitution. I don’t see there the right of a president to fire a CEO. And I don’t find the right of a government to take over banks and car companies. Now they want to enter the healthcare field. Hey DC, you guys can’t even run the post office or the IRS, and now you want us to trust our lives to you, with government run health care? In this country, the words “fat chance”, and “no chance” mean the very same thing.

But this cancer, this invader, Big Government, has made a fatal mistake. It has underestimated the will, resolve and resilience of We The People. The descendants of those first Patriots, us, are now awakening from their slumber, rubbing their eyes and mobilizing against this invader.

So how do we get rid of this cancer? Easy.We’re gonna need a “hard” dose of chemo. And that hard dose will occur on Nov. 2, 2010. When we take out the trash in DC. And boy oh boy, we’re gonna need a lot of dump trucks.

Throw the bums out!