What a pick for VP

I was in shock when John McCain made his vice presidential selection last week. I had supported McCain before his vp pick but I wasn’t thrilled. All the republican candidates seemed to lose their personalities once they began to campaign. John seemed wooden and removed. But after hearing Sarah Palin’s speech at the convention last night and seeing John’s face light up like it did before the campaign energized me like never before. Being a single parent, mother of 4 children, who worked full time and went to school at night, finally to become a lawyer I could so relate to her experiences. She is like no other candidate I have seen before. John’s choice of Sarah Palin has restored my faith in his campaign and the choices he will make as president. Always the maverick, I was waiting for John to show me that side again and he did when he made this pick. I am from New York and her straight talk, and engaging manner of attack made me proud to be a woman and a republican. Many of the people I work with think I am a democrat because I went to a public interest law school and work with the poor. I fight for families and children and have always believed in service to others. But that doesn’t mean I have to be a democrat. There are a lot of republicans, like myself, and John McCain, and Sarah Palin who believe we have been blessed and because we have been blessed we owe a duty to give something to others. If voters would stop thinking in terms of labels and start thinking in terms of people we would have a much better world. Thank you John McCain for re-energizing my commitment to this party. Go McCain/Palin!