California's Gov. Jerry Brown Plies GOP With Wine & Urges SEIU to Buy Lunch

Oh, this is funny. Well, funny, except to the few sane Californians and businesses who have not moved out yet.

The once-golden state of California has devolved so much in its budgetary talks that its recycled governor, Jerry Brown has taken to plying Republican legislators with wine and food. In a telephone town hall with SEIU and state workers, Moonbeam Governor Brown divulged his secret to negotiations:

Brown, who is seeking to extend higher tax rates on income, vehicles and sales, said the two sides “enjoyed some nice wine in my office, and the next night I took them over to my loft and we poured another couple bottles of wine.”

Brown also suggested that the SEIU should start taking Republicans to lunch more.

“If every SEIU member would take a Republican to lunch, maybe we would be in better shape,” Brown said in a telephone town hall that the union said reached thousands of employees.

Yvonne Walker, president of SEIU Local 1000, said the union’s membership is 30 percent Republican, and she told Brown, “We take a lot of Republicans to lunch.”

When Brown was asked about layoffs or furloughs, he responded with:

“Wow,” Brown said. “You know what, I hadn’t thought about that, but it’s not good.”

He said, “All I can tell you at this point is I’m not taking anything off the table, but we just have to get those tax extensions, because the alternative is not pretty.”


If California Republicans can have their loyalties bought by wine and cheese, instead of calling them RINOs, perhaps a more apt term would be WINOs.

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