E-Mails Confirm AFSCME Boss Pulled Fleeing WI Democrats' Puppet Strings

Most people watching the Wisconsin fracas over the last couple of months remember when, to avoid their legislative duties, Wisconsin State Democrats fled the state. While only the blind or infirm would not have seen the fleebagggers as being sops for their union bosses that they are, today’s news re-affirms it.

Not only did Wisconsin’s Democrat fleebaggers coordinate their activities with their union bosses, according to WTAQ.com today, AFSCME boss Blaine Rummel actually gave Senate Democrat leader Mark Miller his talking points:

The nation’s largest government labor union told Wisconsin Senate Democrats what to say on the day they left Madison to delay a vote on the collective bargaining limits.

The Milwaukee newspaper obtained e-mails from the office of Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller. And Blaine Rummel of AFSCME – the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees – gave talking points to Miller’s office. Rummel urged the senators to tell the media quote, “We’re on the job. The fact is, Wisconsin legislators are sworn to protect people’s rights, not take them away – and we are fulfilling our oath.” In this case, the “rights” referred to the collective bargaining privileges Governor Scott Walker tried to take away from most public unions but couldn’t, because the law is now being held up in court.

Miller’s spokesman adamantly denies that his boss is a union puppet, however.

Miller spokesman Mike Browne denied that Senate Democrats were puppets pulled by the union strings. He said Rummel’s comments reflected the general sentiment of the lawmakers – and some were quoted as saying the same things before AFSCME’s talking points were sent.

Yeah, okay.


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