A Dangerous Thing: White House Considers Using Saul Alinsky on the American People

It is one thing to castigate a political opponent as ‘extremist,’ yet quite another for politicians to try to paint the American people as such.  Yet, the New York Times [h/t Drudge] has a report that President Obama’s political advisors (which would presumably include SEIU boss-turned White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard) are telegraphing that they may use Saul Alisnky’s tactics to attack the GOP by tying them to the Tea Parties:

President Obama’s political advisers, looking for ways to help Democrats and alter the course of the midterm elections in the final weeks, are considering a range of ideas, including national advertisements, to cast the Republican Party as all but taken over byTea Party extremists, people involved in the discussion said.


“We need to get out the message that it’s now really dangerous to re-empower the Republican Party,” said one Democratic strategist who has spoken with White House advisers but requested anonymity to discuss private strategy talks.

Clearly, the White House is desperate to find some type of attack to brand every day Americans as ‘extremists’ to help preserve Democrats in the Fall. In their desperation, however, they appear (once again), to be turning the weaponry of Saul Alinksy and his Power Tactics onto the American people:

Always remember the first rule of power tactics (pps.127-134):

1. “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people. When an action or tactic is outside the experience of the people, the result is confusion, fear and retreat…. [and] the collapse of communication.

3. “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. (This happens all the time. Watch how many organizations under attack are blind-sided by seemingly irrelevant arguments that they are then forced to address.)

4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Man can sustain militant interest in any issue for only a limited time….”

8. “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”

9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.”

11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside… every positive has its negative.”

12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”

13. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and ‘frozen.’…

Were the White House to engage in this type of attack, it is almost certainly going to backfire, as the American people will see it as an over-the-top use of Saul Alinsky‘s Power Tactics on their fellow Americans.

However, for some in the White House to even consider attacking American people for holding positions that differ from those of the ruling class demonstrates a loathing for Americans exercising free speech that is unprecedented.  Moreover, what does it say about a president whose staff would consider persecuting Americans for holding different views?

While the irony of having an extremist president labeling American citizens who have exercised their First Amendment rights as extremists is not lost. Sadly, it is not surprising either (nor is it the first time).







“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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