Hey, Rahm, by dropping the F-bomb on the UAW, did you mean 'fish?'

Just in time for the Obama administration to bow to their labor bosses over Labor Day weekend comes this little f-bomb laden bombshell [emphasized, yet, edited for RS readers]:

In “Overhaul”, his upcoming chronicle of his reign as “car czar,” Steven Rattner offers an insider’s account of the Obama administration’s rescue of the auto industry. And he pulls no punches when it comes to describing the foibles of such heavyweights as Rahm Emanuel, Tim Geithner, Larry Summers and Sheila Bair.

Though the 58-year-old financier lasted only six months, with his sudden resignation sparking speculation that a pay-for-play scandal at his old private equity firm was becoming an unhealthy distraction, Rattner has plenty of tales to tell.

And Rattner’s account is sure to attract interest within the Beltway, as one of the first books penned by an Obama administration insider.

Rattner depicts White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as a force to be reckoned with who disparaged unions — once quipping “F**k the UAW” — and who effectively supervised Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner during his first rocky months on the job by dictating his public appearances and staff picks.

He also depicts infighting between economic advisers Larry Summers and Austan Goolsbee and describes FDIC Chair Sheila Bair as a stubborn obstacle to the work of the auto rescue team. And Rattner paints colorful portraits of auto executives such as Fiat Chairman Sergio Marchionne, who once barked to Chrysler executives, “Do you think I am f**king stupid?”

Now, of course, heading into Labor Day Weekend, the White House is in deep doo doo

The White House is forcefully pushing back on former car czar Steve Rattner’s upcoming book about his time in Washington, specifically the allegation that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel once blurted “F**k the UAW” when told that tens of thousands of autoworkers’ jobs were at stake in the restructuring of the auto industry.


While not specifically denying that Emanuel uttered those words, a White House aide rejected the implication that the chief of staff wasn’t looking out for workers toiling at GM and Chrysler.

“Throughout the entire process that saved the auto industry, Rahm tirelessly defended and advocated on behalf of the auto workers,” the aide said. “Any suggestion to the contrary is simply ridiculous.

Um. Yeah. Okay.

[“While not specifically denying that Emanuel uttered those words.”]

Nice job, Rahm.  Perhaps Bob King will give you some fish at the Labor Day picnic.


“I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold up truth to your eyes.”  Thomas Paine, December 23, 1776

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