SEIU's Anna Burger Steps Down

Big news yesterday: The former queen of labor, SEIU’s Anna Burger is ‘retiring’ after being rejected a few months ago as Andy Stern’s hand-picked successor.

Though we predicted this in May, her departure did seem to take longer than expected. [It could be she had to take the time to help Mary Kay Henry understand the intricate spiderweb of SEIU finances, lawsuits, and intrigues.]

Public Message from Anna Burger from SEIU Social Media on Vimeo.

Sending her packing with some dignity.

This morning, the SEIU released a long, fawning press release, citing Burger’s “accomplishments”.

Under Burger’s leadership, SEIU became a premier advocacy organization in the country and the union’s presidential endorsement became highly coveted.  Burger made sure the candidates were responsive to the members.  Every major Democratic candidate for president participated in SEIU’s “Walk a Day in My Shoes” program by spending a half-day on the job with a member of the union, submitted to interviews by members and provided a clear health reform proposal.

She may be leaving the SEIU, but Anna Burger’s not going way entirely.

Burger will continue to consult and work with SEIU on economic solutions for working families.  She will remain on the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board and supporting a variety of other organizations in social and economic justice, and she will continue to reside in Washington, DC, with her husband Earl F. Gohl Jr. and her daughter Erin Burger-Gohl, a Smith College graduate.

While we have not heard whether Ms. Burger will be joining any corporation’s board of directors like her predecessor, she may wind up joining the board of directors of some socialist/activist think tank.  [Oh, never mind.]

Liberty Chick has more on this over at Big Government.

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